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  • @Lindon thanks mate!!! this is for ScriptFX or what module??

  • @LightandSound The Audio Programmer search for 🙂

  • @hisefilo I think learning how to read the JUCE api is far more valuable than any of the videos - I did check some out at the start, but I didn't find them too helpful, I knew C++ (a bit) I just needed to get used to using the API, once you understand the API and the practises in JUCE (there's a lot of things in JUCE that effectively replace "standard" practise C++ things, even down to some specific pointers and Arrays not being C++ arrays), so once you can just look at a class on the API and know how to implement it you'll feel a lot more comfortable.

  • @LightandSound thanks - if I ever get the time I will...

  • @hisefilo said in Libraries > Core:

    @Lindon thanks mate!!! this is for ScriptFX or what module??

    Well I put it in a Script Processor - but really - who knows where it should go...

  • @Lindon I pasted it into Scriptnode Synth >> FX >> Script FX and using sine instead lf additive_synth and is doing weird noises...... LOL

    mute or -99db your audio before

    HiseSnippet 1118.3oc2XE0aaaCDlxNJHVqYXcqOzGEB1CN.cFRYcqEvXco1wYyXwIFwYEEanHfQ5rMQjIEHocq2P+OteJ688vFojrkbifirSR6Z0Sh2wS9iGuuu6R5xYdfPv3HiJmMMDPF2yr2TpbXygXBE09.jwma1AKj.2N1TiogXg.7QFFk+IsAiJafhd96erAN.S8fTSHzKXDO3HxHhL0Z28+ERPvgXe3LxnL69w621iQaxBXiU3oroCJD6cId.bLVusRlHiMa4SjLdOIVBBjwFMX9S6Mj8ZZ79eAQPtH.zKbQ8TenXyGxB70HV+Np4PRfe2YmaABYX1MMKTNNK7.yNDexb6oYiuHxgcZDYyGFkVF7bud34lG7Lx.uMhg28M64wIgxTOZr8UIVSQmaV3UJ1Kx3eLsU4YgzdBlqdiC1+f8QjK3XNAD0BXX+p6nMuyt0sR2HFKlRU6T6olGGTGwNL+wAP0cv9piMYBbtPW5nBq+Xpmjvn1L5wLIbBs5tV+oUEq2ZY+tt52OWeMYTImED.7bcqKb3KKvpzwit.3ORA8fwv7MpxfKdE8YE6JRkFj.UlYiLZaJQdRHLec7IclEGz7CXVSomqrViNN4rsTSKuFA0LFep2901GfkXcYShM09BAtjnOsFG.ST7w3hnJlG.hKkrPEi7JUXp5b8kKVtXwulwm3PktWn3us9WSPjSypHrBLBmByHJJbuuYWhzaX93sTN3Uk0tqwah9x1ls52G7jofcCyCe4GFwDqDYC0uuFH2alJxguLW4iRMLLuikOR4ygbHDygyXcCvSqJviBCfSUg9H6KBXdW1i7GQb6nOdshr45KpWDFmMZn8W0aHlRg.g9KZqdhg7ydl8LG+tyqpaU4plceU8UUFxbwK2sJ1k6hhNp9iYOwYMmdpxpPcEUkqJqkS06orwRBcPGrjSdiB4GOdTOUGZOnYx4WYynjVDJdsidslL0Cn9QK9W0ShSW8ZiDmtybdKpeUYFAKtbMZXln55GlXgx7AasYPPDvhsHemIZ9qhNQSXgmnYFIpkwcdSXKKqUkGMupuXbIUor0sOUx5sqOOZyhMP3hswxr+El5KCs3jI.eBAd80LI4l+uYRRmaPeyada9xEqs40zepxLL1inK+ZQm.AJsfHL9kJxee73.4LqKxi6vnrvgLJwKK08TPIgMX.vyh8bOPOWJU+oGoVdv9mBA.Vjga+06eDgBXtJOAqYtvs34hkce8PyX3ZqEer+zX7rxexOdlyMd7r8xc7reyvLoyYMAH+YfLXnr5dNN6Veaqsstc64HTLfnNMqZilUtSiVs+NoWi068w1bWkw1bJxXaNe7O11xDJ1xr0ajbr6spd1seayDXt2GJY2OBtvee.wQXON6buXNiVScqHKpzFM5eiXEyN501tnHxsJNSmZNnQpgwN2ySqz+Mpza9wr2ZDy2tFw730HluaMh46WiXdxZDySWZL54fe9XIaT7T.JCcaEUbYXzhhUDgHlD5+3+ztoC```

  • @hisefilo Ok I will take a look - but I just tried it in a script FX slot assigning the relevent bits of function to the correct spot - onPrepareToPlay etc. - and yes it made strange sorta additive constant noise - I tried turning on the osc scope and HISE crashed - LOL...

    OK tried your version - so a different strange (still not very pleasant) noise when you say sine not additive_synth - and less controllable from the interface...

  • @Lindon well this is something

    Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 12.31.39.png . like a surprise box

  • @hisefilo yeah but try saying this and the noise gets nicer...

    function processBlock(channels)
        aasyn >> channels[0];
    	//aasyn >> channels[1];

  • Is this for accessing the core Juce modules ?

  • @lalalandsynth I dont know yet LOL. The core library just shows 14 modules listed on my first post

  • @lalalandsynth said in Libraries > Core:

    Is this for accessing the core Juce modules

    Nope, it's just a collection of (very) basic DSP modules.

    However I wouldn't spend too much energy on this system, it's most likely to be replaced entirely by scriptnode (and even if it stays in the codebase, the support will be minimal).

    Most of the modules have a very limited usability in real world applications (I wrote most of them as proof of concept for the API, but since this approach never really took off, it's not worth trying to figure out how many parameters there are and what they do).

  • @Christoph-Hart mmmmm. you just killed my hope!!

    I know Hise 3 will have scriptnode and snex. Meanwhile:
    Whats's the recommendation to create a sinewave bank (for stacking upto 256 or 512 sinewaves) allowing to modulate for each, freq phase amplitude and envelope (frame based, or table based)?

  • What's "frame-based"?

    TBH, a performance-critical module like a 512-voice additive synthesiser has to be coded in raw C++, with some low-level SSE accelerations in order to be competitive enough for a commercial-grade product.

  • @Christoph-Hart frame based was to say an amplitude value for each frame.

    I see. mmmmmmmmm. To low level for me.

  • Is very powerful with the supporting libraries.....well worth the rabbit hole.

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