My experimental sales approach...

  • Hello everyone, so right now I'm running a different kind of summer sale over at Channel Robot. It's "Name Your Own Price" (min = $5 , max = list price). It's for my Kontakt instruments ONLY - and I'm pretty sure no one here needs or wants any of those but on one of the facebook groups I was asked to provide some feedback on how it went after the sale finishes. It occurred to me that this would be useful information to all of us - in case you were thinking of running with this format for your own product sets. So whenits finished I will try and remember to post some stats here.

    Meanwhile - it's been running for 1.5 days now, so this is whats happened so far:

    In the last 36 hours I've made 26 sales - selling 82 items (yep almost no one is picking up a single item..) for a total revenue of $429.00 - yes almost everyone (90%) are paying the minimum $5.00.

    I am getting the feeling that if I'd set the minimum at $10 I wouldnt be so much down on sales and up a fair bit on revenue - but who knows. I will try and keep you posted - remind me at the end of August in case I forget.

  • I like things like this. It's fun to play with the variables. I wonder if some amount was being donated to charity would people pay more... or what about a tiered payment, so every time you cross a certain threshold you get an additional product.

  • @d-healey @Lindon Yep I like the idea of increasing the % discount when adding products.
    It's something that can be kept all the time and you can add let say a fix X% when on sale...
    But this makes sense when you have a certain number of products, I'm far from that 😁

    Aside of that, what I wonder more is marketing strategies. I know it's about having different things (website, social media, banners & advert, videos…) well tuned, but what is more important first I have no idea (except website of course)

  • This is great, I wouldn't be against a kind of sales tactic thread where we all pitch little tricks to help each other get more conversions.

    A great thing I've learned is to bundle, then pitch the bundle on the product page of each individual item. Something like "this product is part of X bundle, grab it and save Y%", as long as it isn't too intrusive. I've doubled my average order value by upselling a bundle.

    Edit: since others have already talked a bit about bundling, I'll add that a consistent brand/image is also very important. If someone clicks your green ad, and your website is purple, they're likely to bounce.

  • I'm considering adding a one time pop up panel to my plugin that comes up after two weeks with a link to my website and a simple message like "Come check out the latest Crystal Audio Products!"

  • @Crystal-Audio I would be annoyed if that happened in a plugin I bought to be honest.

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