The definitive feature request & bug fix roadmap

  • Hi everybody,

    this thread is the next attempt of organizing bug reports & feature requests. In order to keep it clean, I would suggest a few rules:

    1. Every post must be a distinctive bug report / feature request. If you want to emphasize a request / feature, upvote it or downvote it if you think it's a bad idea (but please do not downvote other stuff in order to bump your personal favorite). Any discussion about a certain bug / feature should be a dedicated thread (you can add a link to the discussion thread in the post).
    2. When I find the time to implement it, I'll sort the list in my head based on the number of upvotes and feasibility. If it's implemented, I'll edit the post with a link to the commit and strike it through.
    3. A feature request that is not feasible or not popular enough (number of upvotes less than ~5) will be removed after a grace period of a few days, so anything that survives this process can be considered to be implemented at some point. If you find your post to be deleted, please do not repost it.

    Normally I don't to any redacting / moderating, but in this thread I try to keep it clean, so don't take it personally if I delete any post in here that violates the rules above.

  • Feature Request
    @Christoph-Hart - Please can we have bus effects (send and receive) as per this discussion :

    -- wow I just re-read the thread I pointed to - I've been a pita about this .....sorry.

  • Feature Request: Draggable ADHSR Envelope (like the curve EQ and Tables etc)

  • Feature request: Ability to designate some presets as factory (read-only)


  • Bug report: interruptions in audio when using convolution fx plugins and Cubase’s Direct Offline Processing:

  • Bug Report

    Multi Instance Crash: There is no issue while opening the multiple plugin instances in the DAW. But when the project saved, closed and opened again, DAW crashes. Probably MoodyChamels Queue issue in Hise.

    Sometimes just 4 plugins causes the crash but no crash with 20 plugins in the same computer. Very random issue.

  • Bug Report

    Write Automation Issue on AU Plugins: Write automation doesn't work in exported AU plugins. Read Automation works. (only AU plugins)

  • Bug Report

    AAX Button State Issue: Default button state is always 0. (Only AAX Plugins)

  • Bug Report

    Latency Issue on FL Studio: When Delay Compensation is used, there is a big latency only in FL Studio. (Other DAWs are fine with delay compensation)

  • @Christoph-Hart
    PLEASE PLEASE would it be possible to give the developer the choice of which color space to reserve when importing images.
    8Bit - 256 colors
    16Bit - 65.500 colors
    32Bit - 1.5000000 colors
    The sense is not to reserve a color space of 1 billion colors for an image with three colors and thus to use a lot of memory - which can be used in a more sensible way.

    This requires a full rewrite of how JUCE / HISE handles images for a rather minor use case.

  • Bug Report: MIDIPlayer ClearSequences can't be connected to a front-end GUI element.

  • Feature Request:
    Making the Interface To A Freely Resizable One By Dragging The Corner Of Interface, With A simple Line Of Code:


  • Feature Request:
    Scriptnode's File Player, Needs Trigger/Sync/Loop/And Stop/Start Controls, Anytging More than This Is Welcome 👏

    The file player is being rewritten entirely.

  • Bug Report:
    Once I Open A Project, All Modules Are In Open Position, Instead Of Collapsed, So I Need To Click Each Of Modules Little Arrow To Close 'em All, Which Waste So Much Time Here.

  • Feature request

    It's actually compatibility request. Native Support for Apple ARM cpu computers.

    Basically Done - it's not 100% stable, but I can compile a few example projects for M1.

  • Feature Request:

    Algorithmic Time Stretching for Samples 🤤

  • DraggableFiltePanel problem

    The draggalbeFilterPanel is missing an important function
    I can select the single nodes as a user or no callback is generated when the user clicks on a node.

    Furthermore the user can change the Q-value with the mouse wheel.
    But if there is no mouse wheel - this function is lost.

    It would be nice if in principle the function of the mouse wheel can also be achieved by pressing the Shift key and moving the mouse.

    Thus the draggelbeFilterPanel would be operable as EQ in all functions with the mouse.

  • Feature Request: Sample Installer App that resides outside of the compiled plugin / standalone - but uses the HLAC compression system and writes the link file whilst allowing users to choose unique destinations (and looks a bit prettier than existing install process).

    Thinking about it one could simply make a standalone app that does exactly this with HISE as is, but the current hlac installer process is a real turn off for people it seems (as well as a major plugin distro website)

  • Feature Request :

    • Implement Juce Spectogram & Correlation Meter

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