Feature Request:The Case for Bus Containers

  • OK, so the current routing matrix system is very very flexible (a very good thing), but is convoluted to set up and (for me at least) not so intuitive and error-prone. I've never managed to get to where I wanted with it in less than 1/2 a day. (a bad thing).

    So I want to propose a simple(ish) solution that doesn't break the tree-hierarchy:

    BusContainers and BusSendFX

    So some simple rules:

    BusContainers may live ONLY in the "Master" Container level - yes they are post any other inset FX, synth whatever..

    BusContainers may ONLY contain effects - as many as you like - they can "listen" to MIDI in (for effect modulation etc.) but they make no noise of their own.

    BusContainers MAY NOT contain BusSendFX - no recursive loops here then...

    You may have as many BusContainers as you like

    BusSendFX route signals to a single named BusContainer

    Bus Containers have two controls:

    Combo-box of the named BusContainer
    Send Amount

    Thats it. With this structure we dont break the tree-hierarchy - yes we are sending audio "out" of the branch so if thats breaking it then yeah its breaking it..but everything still lives in a tree hierarchy...

    It would be trivially simple to set up classic single-fx sends, but you could also set up multi-fx sends so a send effect could be a combo of Delay, Chorus, Reverb, and Phaser (plus a Simple Gain to act as the "return") just as easily.

    I appreciate all this is "do-able" with the current routing system, and I understand I'm not asking for something I couldnt manually work thru setting up with that system, but this is very very intuitive (if you are from an audio background) because it "sorta works like a real-live desk.)...it removes the need(and clutter) for the routing modules in the current possible solutions making everything clearer, simpler and easier to understand.

  • Not sure why you would need a dedicated container, all you need is actually a send & receive FX module that sends the audio between locations, then you can use a stock Container module for that.

    However this again is duplicating the functionality of scriptnode so this request is a little bit in-between both use cases.

    Making complex send arrangements is pretty trivial with scriptnode, have you tried it?

  • @Christoph-Hart no I havent really explored scriptnode(too busy) but its on my list!.

    • but as a starter question - so theres an equivalent "send and receive FX" node in there? SO I can pass audio between different branches of the tree?

    To be clear(er) to send audio between a script node module in Container1 and a script node module in Container2?

  • Yes, this is how you can implement feedback loops for delays, but also use it to send signals between locations as long as you're being reasonable: it's your responsibility to make sure that the signal is compatible. If you send an oversampled signal to a non-oversampled location (or a frame-processed signal to a block processed signal, you'll be in trouble).

  • @Christoph-Hart Ok fine, I read thru the documentation on the "nodes" and I couldn't see anything that let me "send audio between a script node module in Container1 and a script node module in Container2", did I miss it (very possible)

    I see this:


    but the documentation appears its "pithy" best...

  • yes, the beauty of autogenerated docs 🙂

    Yes, this is true, you can't send signals around instances of scriptnode. Maybe it makes sense adding a send / receive HISE fx module after all...

  • @Christoph-Hart yes send/receive HISE FX would be a good idea, I see the value in the send/receive script node options - but again it pushes all the routing inside a single object, so in effect has the same model as the routing matrix system. with all the same benefits and disadvantages.

    So Send/Receive modules would be great, my solution was just an attempt to stop recursive loops of signals - but if you are OK with "user beware" than I really really am too.

  • @Christoph-Hart Hey Christoph, just wondering where on the schedule this might be? I have a project I'm just starting that would find send and receive FX modules really really useful...

  • I wouldn't hold my breath, I am currently swamped in work.

  • @Christoph-Hart damn it.. hey ho...I will hang on then.

    • praying (pretty hard) that this is in V3......

  • @Christoph-Hart - is there any chance of getting this (send/receive FX) any time soon? I have a wildly complex send structure request form a user and this is pretty much what I need....

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