Why No script Prediction/Suggestion?

  • Yesterday I was watching and learning HISE from @d-healey Youtube Tutorials. I saw script auto prediction/suggestions appears when he writes


    But when I try to do it, I didn't find any script suggestion/auto prediction. I have attached a screenshots. Let me know why there is no script auto suggestion. Am I missing something?

    alt text

    Cheers !!

  • Hi Tania,

    press Escape and it will show up 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart Thank you. Now I got it. You have created a vast Framework.


  • @Christoph-Hart But still it doesn't work as it was working a while ago. You have to type the api class where it wasn't required before. For instance to print I was only writing "pri" and it was enough, but now we need to write "Console.pri" before hitting Esc. So in the large majority of cases the autocompletion is since you need to write 75% of the api. I don't know why there's been such a change in the behavior. But that might be fixed along with the new scripting window ?

  • @ustk @Christoph-Hart I'm experiencing the same thing. Something changed along the way and now I'm required to type much more for predictive text to function. It also doesn't include effects modules anymore.

  • ..and a whole bunch of parameters are missing from my version so:


    --at this point I should be able to hit escape and see a list of functions AND below them the params -- I see only functions...

  • I've fixed a few things in the autocomplete. Unfortunately the module constants is a bit harder to fix, but at least Console.print shows up after you type pri...

    I rewrote the entire autocomplete system to use the same API for SNEX and HiseScript as there was too much hardcoded stuff particular to HiseScript, but it seems some things broke during the transition.

    You can try and assemble a list of issues you noticed here, then I'll try to go through them when I find the time - it's obviously not the most high priority task though...

  • @Christoph-Hart Here I am facing auto-Complete issue even after hitting ESC key.
    Some cases it is difficult to code (specially for non programmer like me). Although API panel is a good reference yet auto-Complete is needed.

    No autoComplete even after Esc key.gif

  • The autocomplete uses the last compiled state for resolving methods that operate on an object (in your case t). Press F5 at least once, then it should appear.

  • @Christoph-Hart Superb.. 👌 ☺

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