The things we all want to see in HISE 3.0

  • All of the STK modules (or a way to add them šŸ™‚

  • @hisefilo said in The things we all want to see in HISE 3.0:

    or a way to add them šŸ™‚

    C++ šŸ˜‰

  • @d-healey I meant an idiot-ready way to add them LOL

  • Timestrech and pitch in Real Time šŸ™‚

  • OK so lets not all add the same thing eh?

    some additional stuff:

    • Extra definitions for the "load or update samples" buttons - so those buttons we see when the user first starts the product and needs to open the hr1 and save the ch1 files somewhere. It'd be nice to have the ability to decide on which buttons we want to see - some users get confused and press the wrong button...

    • Extra definition for the background colour of the "system" dialogs. those dialog boxes HISE throws up - including "wheres your hr1 file?" and "where do you want to keep stuff?" - I know we can do this in C++ in the source code - but I really really dont want to have to recompile HISE everytime as a first step I work on a different product

    • it'd be REALLY nice if we didnt have to restart HISE after uncompressing the Hr1 files...

    • Id really like to have the "Audio Interface not found" error handled somewhat more kindly. Basically (and I hope this happens to a few of us not just me) if the product cant find the audio interface defined in the settings I'd prefer it to say "Audio Interface not set".

  • @Lindon

    1 - There are flags for that in the Projucer already
    2 - Why not to build 2 different versions of Hise you can keep together?
    4 - Never had this error...

  • @ustk said in The things we all want to see in HISE 3.0:


    1 - There are flags for that in the Projucer already
    2 - Why not to build 2 different versions of Hise you can keep together?
    4 - Never had this error...

    1 - where?
    2 - 2 different versions? I'm currently working on 6 different projects - so it would get silly..

  • @d-healey oh cool....

  • @Lindon oh hang on...this is in a HISE compile right? So cant set this for each project? bummer...

  • @d-healey said in The things we all want to see in HISE 3.0:

    I'd also like to be able to get some feedback from the DAW about start/stop transport state.

    You can do this right now if you don't want to wait for v3.0.
    in HISE source code hi_core/MainController.cpp, un-comment the features you need.

    void MainController::storePlayheadIntoDynamicObject(AudioPlayHead::CurrentPositionInfo &/*newPosition*/)
    	//static const Identifier bpmId("bpm");
    	//static const Identifier timeSigNumerator("timeSigNumerator");
    	//static const Identifier timeSigDenominator("timeSigDenominator");
    	//static const Identifier timeInSamples("timeInSamples");
    	//static const Identifier timeInSeconds("timeInSeconds");
    	//static const Identifier editOriginTime("editOriginTime");
    	//static const Identifier ppqPosition("ppqPosition");
    	//static const Identifier ppqPositionOfLastBarStart("ppqPositionOfLastBarStart");
    	//static const Identifier frameRate("frameRate");
    	//static const Identifier isPlaying("isPlaying");
    	//static const Identifier isRecording("isRecording");
    	//static const Identifier ppqLoopStart("ppqLoopStart");
    	//static const Identifier ppqLoopEnd("ppqLoopEnd");
    	//static const Identifier isLooping("isLooping");
    	//ScopedLock sl(getLock());
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(bpmId, newPosition.bpm);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeSigNumerator, newPosition.timeSigNumerator);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeSigDenominator, newPosition.timeSigDenominator);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeInSamples, newPosition.timeInSamples);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(timeInSeconds, newPosition.timeInSeconds);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(editOriginTime, newPosition.editOriginTime);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqPosition, newPosition.ppqPosition);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqPositionOfLastBarStart, newPosition.ppqPositionOfLastBarStart);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(frameRate, newPosition.frameRate);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(isPlaying, newPosition.isPlaying);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(isRecording, newPosition.isRecording);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqLoopStart, newPosition.ppqLoopStart);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(ppqLoopEnd, newPosition.ppqLoopEnd);
    	//hostInfo->setProperty(isLooping, newPosition.isLooping);

    These extend the Playhed functionality. For instance:


  • @dustbro nice finding! šŸ‘

  • Hey @dustbro & @ulrik,

    I just attempted to rebuild HISE after uncommenting some playhead features in the MainController.cpp but got the following error:

    "Use of undeclared indetifier 'newPosition'"

    Has anybody come across this before?

    I'm all over the forum today ā˜ŗ
    HISE is playing hardball with me!

    Check the screenshot below of Xcode and the edited MainController.cpp file when you can.


    alt text

  • 20200530_164851.jpg

    Don't forget this one

  • Staring at me the whole time!
    You're a legend @dustbro thanks ā˜ŗ

    You don't happen to know how to create a UI that will allow a user to drag midi from the Midi Player into their DAW by any chance do you?

    Thanks again

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey guys,

    I'm trying to get the Engine.getPlayhead() functions to work. I've recompiled successfully with the modified hi-core file, and can call for example Engine.getPlayhead().isPlaying from a script, but I get undefined as the return. I could really use playhead information, and it's kind of stopped me in my tracks at the moment until I can figure out if this is possible or not....

    I've tried in Logic, BW, and Live, same result everywhere.

    Thanks in advance šŸ™‚


  • Can any of you at least confirm that you got this working?

  • Throwing my two cents in, Iā€™d like to see:

    Real-time autotuning module

    The ability to reskin knobs (after compiling) through the GUI

    Reverse delay option on Delay module

    Duplicate module quick command
    Similar to working in Logic, cmd-D duplicates a track

    Drag and drop reordering of modules in container

    Built in option for simple serial number protection

    Built in demo export option
    Allows you to set the length of time the plugin will be active for

    Top right corner resizing option
    Currently only the bottom left corner has the 3 grey lines for resizing buttons, panels ect

    Auto fit to screen size option for HISE. I tend to have to manually resize HISE to fit my screen.

    Auto-recognition of filmstrip image changes. Currently if I change the filmstrip image (skin) for a knob I have to change the number in numStrips to get HISE to display the new knob skin on the gui, even if the new filmstrip has the same numStrips value as the previous one.

    Delete key fix for the HISE App. Delete key works to remove components from the gui (panels, knobs, etc) in HISE when I use the version compiled from the source code, but when I use the pre-compiled HISE app the delete key does not delete components from the gui.

    The ability to add sidechain feature to fx plugins.

    Looking forward to 3.0!

  • also chiming in šŸ™‚

    pitch-shifting/time stretching
    calculate gain at specific frequency
    faust wrapper thing
    snex 2 šŸ˜‰

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