(Possible daft question) Making Windows .dll files?

  • Probably a dumb question but I've only used HISE on mac up until now and exported as VST and AU.

    To make Windows .dll files, do I need to export the plugins using HISE on Windows? Or can it be done on mac?

    I do have a Windows machine but it's slow as all hell so I haven't built HISE on it yet. It struggles to open a web browser 🤣

  • @SteveRiggs I'm in the same trouble as you are my man 😬
    unfortunately no, it's not possible. You must export on a windows machine.
    That is said, a dual boot on a mac should be a viable solution. I'm ready to begin my windows export, so I'll have to figure out a solution out of my sluggish windows laptop...
    Actually the worst thing is not the export, but more all the DAWs I have to install and run. Also, my mac is already in the center of the studio and connected to everything I need. So I think the dual boot wins again here...

  • I use a Mac Mini with all three OS

  • @ustk Cheers dude. I had a feeling it would be. Dual boot is a great idea. If only I had enough space on the mac. I think its time for some upgrades all round then 🙂 Thanks man.

  • My observations (mac MINI and Windows 10 machines) is that (usually) the Mac side of things is MUCH slower than the Windows in the compile process... it might be worth it to get a win10 box...if you have a lot of compiling to do...

  • @Lindon I found MacOS to be the fastest (Windows was a close second). I think I mentioned this in my videos where I built HISE on all 3 systems. Linux Mint turned out to be the slowest for me because of the linking time.

  • @d-healey yeah its likely my Mac MINI - its "bog standard" whereas I've been "with" windows for many years - so each new machine gets some "tuning love"

  • @Lindon I don't know much about Macs, the one I have is a dual core from 2012 I think, it was gifted to me earlier this year. The only thing I've done with it is partition the HDD and install Windows 10 and Linux Mint.

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