Delay ms glitch (SOLVED)

  • I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but I'm going to put it up again anyway..

    The delay module has a bug when set to milliseconds. When a plugin or project is closed and re-opened, the ms value turns into a long delay time, even if its value is set as 20ms or something. It only corrects itself once the value is physically changed.

    It's very annoying in exported plugins when used as a stereo widener, as the widener then turns into a delay and you have to go and change all of the values by at least 1% for every instance to get the settings back to where you left them before closing the project. Obviously, this also means presets can't be saved at the moment with the stereo widener turned on or it sounds like a longer delay until you change the parameter.

    @Christoph-Hart Will there be a fix for this soon please dude?

    I'm on scriptnode from 7th Oct btw, but this bug has been there since 1.6.0

  • Bumping this one back up and praying for a fix!!! I can't send my plugin out for beta testing until this is sorted ☹

  • Which delay are you using in scriptnode? I think there are multiple delay modules

  • @clumsybear Just the normal delay module dude. I didn’t think to check the scriptnode ones as this project was started pre-scriptnode. I’ll check it out though when I get back on the mac.

  • Ah, I worked on a delay based spreader before scriptnode as well. Haven’t encountered the issue you mentioned. I’ll check it again

  • @clumsybear I have mine set like this in a few projects. I've tried a workaround having the macro set to the right delay and the mix at the same time, but now I have to have the stereo imager turned off on every preset, which I don't want. I want some presets as 'wide' presets or whatever so it's on when it initializes.

    Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 12.24.23.png

    It works fine when you first set it. As soon as you close HISE and reopen, or close and reopen an exported plugin, then the delay turns into a longer delay, not the tight 15/20ms anymore, until you change the parameter by 1% or more and then it corrects itself.

    If I have presets made with the stereo imager turned on, every time the preset is loaded its messed up by adding a delay to it until you move it by the 1% or more. Really messy and no good for users as the preset sounds wrong and not as its meant to sound.

    I've just been through all the scriptnode delays and can't find one that just works the same as a simple delay like this. I don't really want to have to go into all of my projects and swap them out for scriptnode ones anyway just because of this bug. Would be great to get the normal delay fixed if poss so it just works as it should. @Christoph-Hart Can you please help with this at all?

  • @SteveRiggs Have you tried a simple set on init script?

  • @Lindon I was wondering if there was a way to set the amount it starts at when it initializes, but even with that if the values are different for each preset, or if a user saves a preset with a different value for a custom preset then it would still load up wrong?

    Really strange why it does it. I remember @ustk saying he had the same problem when I put up my first post about it a few weeks ago here:

  • @SteveRiggs maybe it’s because of the macro. I’ve set the parameters via script, so I haven’t used macros for that stuff

  • Yeah I am having the same issue. (with the latest scriptnode branch) It's not about macro.

    If you control delay time of the simple gain unit with a knob, on first initialization in Hise - it gives a constant delay value (around 30-50 ms) - even when the knob is set to 500 ms. But only on first initialization in Hise. When you change the presets, the issue is gone.

    But it is ok on the compiled plugin, this is another strange thing too 🙂 @SteveRiggs did you check it with the compiled plugin. It doesn't happen for me on compiled plugin, only on Hise - first initialization.

  • @Fortune @clumsybear Yeah it's definitely not the macro as I only have that on in this project.

    It's happening in compiled plugins for me as well. I have my prototype exported plugin on a track in Ableton with the stereo imager turned on and set to a certain amount where it sounds good (around 20ms) and every time the Ableton project is closed and reopened it changes it to a longer delay time.

    I just tested it again in a fresh Ableton project and saved the name of the preset so it would initialize from an actual preset, but when I close and reopen the project it still happens.

    It is fine when changing the preset to something else and then back again, but if a user has the preset picked already and has set the parameters how they want, then every time the project will be opened and closed it will happen.

  • I think I've fixed it. The problem was that there is an internal fade between delay times to remove clicks if you change the value, however this lead to the issue at initialisation (it was "ignoring" the requested value change because it started a fade already).

  • @Christoph-Hart Thanks man! This is awesome news. I’ll rebuild and test it out as soon as I get on the mac. I’ll let you know my findings. Fingers crossed! 🤞

  • @Christoph-Hart Sorry to be a pain dude. It's still not fixed though in the 22nd Oct build. It's still exactly the same as it was 😞

  • @SteveRiggs Scriptnode was updated about 1 hour ago 😉

    Edit: actually I don't see any changed there relating to this issue.

  • @d-healey Jeez. After spending all day trying to get that one working lol 🤣 It did say on the notes for the 22nd Oct one that it was fixed there though so I'm not sure if this new one from 2 hours ago will be any different?

    Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 23.18.56.png

  • Lol you must have thrown the computer out of the window.

    Can you make a example snippet that demonstrate your issue? I've just fixed the bug that doesn't restore the initial delay time.

  • @SteveRiggs Yeah the latest update solved the issue. It's fixed now, thanks a lot @Christoph-Hart

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Delay ms glitch (still not fixed):

    Lol you must have thrown the computer out of the window.

    Lol it almost did! 🤣

    All seems to be fixed now though after building the commit from yesterday. Much more stable as well!! No crashes on the exported plugin now on first scan in Ableton. Worked first time. You must have worked some extra magic. Thanks dude.

  • I just removed the line



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