Problem compiling with AAX

  • I'll send Avid an email and report back.

  • This post is deleted!

  • yeah, in short : Nightmare.

    Still I am considering how to go about generally signing my binaries - especially the installers/packagers, to stop all that "unknown developer" stuff on both win 10 and MacOs.

    Has anyone any insights on that?

    As far as I have read I could join the Apple Developer Program, and use my Apple ID on MacOS to sign stuff, and apparently with some jiggery-pokery use it on windows too - but as Apple are not a recognised authority on Windows(yeah go figure..) you may as well use a recognised signing authority. Cheapest I can find is about $65.00 per year.

    Any actual experiences anyone?

  • I got a very quick answer from AVID.

    You are welcome to sell your products as AAX plugins independently

    So that's good 🙂

  • @d-healey said in Problem compiling with AAX:

    So that's good 🙂

    Yeah indeed 😉

  • You are welcome to sell your products as AAX plugins independently

    I don't want to nag around, but that's not how it works. Avid is not in the position to "allow" selling a product based on a GPL codebase, unless they have no problem if the AAX SDK is included in the public repository (and I would be surprised if this is the case).

    If one part is closed-source, then the entire thing is closed-source, and the only solution to this problem is this:

    GPL FAQ.

    So basically, it would require me and the JUCE team to add an exception to the default GPL license.

  • @Christoph-Hart But what about the VST2 SDK which is also proprietary? I assume AU is too? And ASIO.

  • Yes, this is also a legal grey area, but Steinberg is way less protective about their SDK than Avid (so while the VST SDK was technically non-free, basically everyone could just go to the Steinberg download page and get it).

    Also, you can't build and run an AAX plugin yourself, the non-developer version of ProTools only accepts code-signed binaries, so the entire GPL idea of being able to modify and use / distribute your modifications is not possible on the AAX platform (again, no problem on VST).

  • @Christoph-Hart Yep that all makes sense. Since I don't really want the hassle of making and supporting AAX plugins anyway I'll just let pro-tools users go without. 🙂 If they really want my plugin they can build it themselves and go through all the problems - or Lindon can do it for them (new service for you to offer).

  • @d-healey oh pleeeeeease plleeease dont make me do it...

  • @Lindon said in Problem compiling with AAX:

    Joined the relevant Avid program

    I have an account at Avid, where can I find this program to sign ?

    Do I need an Ilok to run the dev version of Protools and do I have to pay for some sort of license ?

  • @lalalandsynth you need to go to Pace and tell them your Avid Developer details and ask for the AAX signing tool kit.

  • @Lindon That's what I did last time and Pace replied that if I contact avid, they will do the right thing with Pace and the rest is automatic...
    I put everything aside since then. But now it is the time to really get it to work 🙂

  • @ustk well that may be more right that what I know - which is: you will need a set of tools from Pace to "codesign" your AAX plugins...

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