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  • I asked something like this before but I can't find the post now.

    Anyway I saved all my samples as monoliths but now I've gone back to the recording session files, made some changes and re-exported my samples as wav files. I've opened the sample map XML files and changed the save mode to 1, now when I try to load the sample map in HISE I get an instant crash. Help please 🙂

  • Try 0...

  • Thank you 🙂 now it loads but things are not right

    Not quite sure where the issue lies with this, if I load the sample map into a new project there is not problem. Is there something in the preset that remembers that the sample map previously pointed to a monolith?

  • hmm I just closed and reopened the project and now I'm getting the instant crash again.

  • I've discovered that with the last changes I did to the samplemap handling it cached the samplemaps and in some occasions (like this), it forgets to update the mapping data and tries to load a non-monolith samplemap with a monolith sample hence the crash.

    I am currently working on the sample side of things (adding higher bit rates than 16bit to HLAC), so during this rewrite, I'll try to sort out all issues I encounter (eg. the not updated samplemaps after switching from monolith to samples is already fixed but not commited).

  • Excellent, I shall keep checking on the develop branch.

    I am currently working on the sample side of things (adding higher bit rates than 16bit to HLAC),

    I see you gave in to consumer demand 😛

  • Nah, actually I did hit one edge case where you could start to hear the quantisation noise : if you run drum samples through high distortion (> 40 dB), the fade outs start to sound bitcrushed).

    It's still not true 24bit, but it "normalises" the waveforms every 1024 samples by up to 8bit, so even if you create test signals to artificially create the quantisation noise, it will get masked by the transients.

    It will still use 16bit buffers for preloading and streaming, since this is the main reason why I chose the 16bit things.

    Also since the end user is extracting the HLAC monoliths from a FLAC archive, you can let the end user choose whether he wants to favor disk space or sound quality.

    Since most of the projects I'll be doing in the near future are somehow percussion based, I thought now's the time 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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