i386 deprecated!?!?!

  • I don't konw what happened (except that I have a recent version of Hise), but I can't export VSTi anymore... not even with the previous version I was using, and without changing anything in my config…
    Will work on that today I think

  • @ustk probably your preferences within HISE. Make sure your hise directly is properly selected

  • OK so I can get HISE to compile - but it keeps building the debug version for some reason.... however when I try and compile my plugin I get fatal errots

    "the i386 architecture is depreciated. You should update your ARCHS build setting to remove the i386 architecture. (in target 'Vintage Organ - VST')"

    -- Im a complete Mac novice so I have no idea where I would do that... anyone?

  • @Lindon I'll send some pics in a few

  • @dustbro great thanks a lot.

  • bump, anybody?

  • Open the Autogenerated projucer file in the build directory and change the architecture setting to 64bit only.

  • @Christoph-Hart yes already done that - otherwise HISE wont compile...its erroring on VST export...

  • Yes and you need to do the same thing with the projects Projucer file.

    HISE creates a temporary projucer file which is then used to create the actual IDE projects for each platform. If you click export, everything is handled through a batch script behind the scenes.

    In your case, you must click export, then wait until the compilation starts, abort the compilation, open the projucer file called "AutogeneratedProject.jucer" in your projects' Binary subfolder, then proceed like you would compile HISE.

    If you don't want the Debug version, choose "Build for profiling", that is XCode speak for the release version.

  • @Christoph-Hart OK thanks I will give all that a go...

  • @Christoph-Hart OK this is SOOO frustrating...

    I open HISE on the Mac,
    load my project,
    start the compile,
    abort the compile,
    go open the AutogeneratedProject.jucer file,
    set to 64-bit Intel,
    save and open xcode,
    Start the compile
    Everything seems to work fine.

    Now where in heavens name is the compiled vst plugin?

    projucer tells me its in $HOME/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

    but that is empty.

    Ok some random attempts by me:

    I turned OFF Support32 Bit Mac OS
    I ran the Export command again for VST
    it seemed to work all the way thru...

    There is still nothing in the VST folder, but now the
    {PROJECT}/Binaries/Builds/MacOSX/build/Release folder has these files in it:

    ChromaticPanFlute.vst (an alias)

    are these it?

    Why anyone would say the Mac is intuitive I have no idea....

  • @Lindon I can't help much I'm afraid, but you said you got an alias. Where is it pointing to?

  • @Lindon try right click over the alias and.. Show original. Hise compiler places my plugins into my user vst folder

    Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.07.15 AM.png

  • @Christoph-Hart maybe a more intuitive way is to set hise to place compiled plugins into binaries/compiled on Mac? Like it does on win

  • Yes, the default location is the user's plugin directory:

    ~/Libraries/Application Support/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

    There is no way on Mac to point to a VST directory (on Windows it can be any path), so on macOS you're pretty much limited to this path and it's almost identical twin without write permissions /Libraries/Application Support/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST. That's why there is a plugin-copy step.

  • @Christoph-Hart ohhh! I see. MacOS is kind of weird on plugin locations. I got some under system folder. Some others on user folder. (Packed installlers i.e. kontakt places into system, asking for admin pass obviously)

  • And it all gets even more fun if you try to load it in a sandboxed host, then everything outside the Music folder isn't accessible.

  • @hisefilo OK well I tried that and it seems its in a folder called VST(who knows where that is hiding on a disk I cant even get to the root of...) - well there's a file in there called ChromaticPanFlute.vst - which I assume is the VST plug-in...

    though worryingly VST also has a folder in it called ChromaticPanFlute Debug.vst -- which has a folder structure but no content...

  • @Christoph-Hart sadly when I use the Go menu in the Finder it tells me there is no folder called Libraries or Audio

    when I go to the Users/name here folder in Macintosh HD then "Libraries" isnt there.

  • @Lindon LOL Macos hides dangerous folders to common users. Option click on Go menu to see Library folder

    ChromaticPanFlute.vst is the file. You've found it

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