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  • I'm having an issue opening VSTis I've exported from HISE with Reaper. - Maybe this is also happening with other DAWs on Linux too.

    I export my VSTi to the .vst folder. I open Reaper, which scans this folder for new plugins. Everything goes fine and I can load my plugin. Then I open HISE, make some changes to my project, and export the VSTi again. This time when I open Reaper it hangs on the initialization screen, if I remove the plugin from the .vst folder it opens without issue. Reaper has a file it creates/updates on initialization called reaper-vstplugins64.ini it has a line in there for my plugin I guess each plugin has some kind of id... Sometimes deleting this line and reopening Reaper solves the problem, and sometimes this line looks different, something like,1920167789,ReaSamplOmatic5000 (Cockos)!!!VSTi (except for my plugin obviously).

    Any ideas? Anyone else come across this?

  • Well if you're exporting a VST from within REAPER and replace a binary that is somehow cached in the REAPER plugin database it may cause all kinds of weird issues.

    Try exporting the plugin from the standalone app without having REAPER open. If it still causes issues, you need to clear the plugin cache everytime you build a new version.

    There's not much I can do on my side, hosts behave weird when they detect a change in a plugin (Logic being the worst one).

  • @christoph-hart I explained that badly. I'm exporting from HISE standalone. I'll try clearing the cache.

  • when it arrive. i remove my plugin from vst folder. open reaper (or studio One, same problem) and refresh/rescan plugin folder again. when done. close reaper. put again my vst in the folder and rescan again (remove/refresh blacklist in SO, clear cache/rescan in reaper)

    and it's good.

    it takes time, but it works.

    but i notice vst made with hise works on all DAWS. rompler work only with the first DAW open it, all other DAW chash until erasing the userdata (appdata folder in PC) and reopen again to works. but after that again, only the daw used after that load the rompler, all other crash.

    don't know why. But i have win 10. so maybe not an HISE/rompler vst problem, but OS problem.

  • @d-healey said in Reaper VSTi:

    This time when I open Reaper it hangs on the initialization screen, if

    This is what's happening to me as well. I've narrowed it down to something with monolith files.

    @staiff erasing the userdata (appdata folder in PC) is a temporary fix Iv'e used as well. Once the samples folder is selected, it'll crash the host on restart. I'm on Windows 10 as well

  • @dustbro said in Reaper VSTi:
    erasing the userdata (appdata folder in PC) is a temporary fix Iv'e used as well. Once the samples folder is selected, it'll crash the host on restart. I'm on Windows 10 as well

    same problem, same OS...maybe the cause. Someone has windows 7 ? xp ? 3.1 (uh ?)? feedback ?

  • Is this only happening with Reaper?

  • I am sure there is one step in the whole monolith export process that I am doing that isn't obvious which is required for it to work, otherwise I would have tons of complaints with HEXERACT, which uses monolith formats.

    If anyone can upload a minimal example project including a detailed list of every step, then I can retrace it and see where the problem is.

  • @d-healey I get it on all platforms.

    @Christoph-Hart I actually cant even make a monolith now. The latest update crashes HISE.


    link to project:

  • The crash is from HLAC compression. Setting to no compression works.

  • and here's a video showing successful creation of monolith, but crashes plugin host.

  • Ah I think I got the problem now.

    After you export as Monolith, you have to reload the Samplemap, otherwise it is in a weird intermediate state (the SaveMode is set to 2 which means Monolith, but there is no information about the Monolith sample cues).

    I'll fix this, but you can already try to just load the Samplemap again just after exporting as Monolith.

    I didn't encounter this because I am constantly swapping the sample maps (in fact, it is good practice to remove every samplemap from the initial project so that it doesn't load samples twice, that's what the Tools -> Clear all Samplemaps command is for). If you have setup a script control that somehow loads samplemaps, it will be loaded when the preset state is restored.

  • @christoph-hart thanks for the reply.
    I forgot the reload step... but unfortunately, it still does the same thing.
    Updated video:

  • Alright, it should work now.

    The problem was indeed that when directly exporting the project after converting to Monolith, the XML file looks like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Processor Type="StreamingSampler" ID="Sampler" Bypassed="0" Gain="1" Balance="0"
               VoiceLimit="256" KillFadeTime="20" IconColour="0" PreloadSize="8192"
               BufferSize="4096" VoiceAmount="256" SamplerRepeatMode="-842150464"
               RRGroupAmount="1" PitchTracking="1" OneShot="0" CrossfadeGroups="0"
               Purged="0" Reversed="0" NumChannels="1" Group0Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO"
               Group1Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO" Group2Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO"
               Group3Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO" Group4Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO"
               Group5Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO" Group6Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO"
               Group7Table="24...............vO...f+....9C...vO" SampleMap="">
      <EditorStates BodyShown="1" Visible="1" Solo="0" MapPanelShown="1" BigSampleMap="1"
                    GainModulationShown="1" CrossfadeTableShown="0" WaveformShown="1"/>
      <RoutingMatrix NumSourceChannels="2" Channel0="0" Send0="-1" Channel1="1" Send1="-1"/>
        <channelData enabled="1" level="0" suffix=""/>
      <samplemap ID="S" SaveMode="2" RRGroupAmount="1" MicPositions=";">
        <sample ID="0" FileName="{PROJECT_FOLDER}SN_UP_V6-08_111_127_D1.wav"
                Root="29" HiKey="29" LoKey="29" LoVel="0" HiVel="127" RRGroup="1"
                Volume="0" Pan="0" Normalized="0" Pitch="0" SampleStart="0" SampleEnd="197451"
                SampleStartMod="0" LoopStart="0" LoopEnd="197451" LoopXFade="0"
                LoopEnabled="0" LowerVelocityXFade="0" UpperVelocityXFade="0"
                SampleState="0" NormalizedPeak="-1" Duplicate="0"/>

    What's missing is the MonolithOffset and MonolithLength property in the sample element, which caused the sample loading in the compiled plugin to load a zero length sample and crash.

  • Please try again (you need to rebuild HISE too).

    If this doesn't solve the issue, you need to debug the compiled plugin:

    1. Open TEST/Binaries/Builds/VisualStudio2017/TEST.sln in Visual Studio
    2. Set the build configuration to Debug 64bit (it's a dropdown in the top icon bar)
    3. Go to Project -> Properties and change the Debug executable to the AudioPlugin host binary (In the Debug tab it's called something like Target path)
    4. Now compile the plugin from within Visual Studio. When it's finished, it should open the plugin host. Now drag the TEST x64 Debug.dll file to the host and it should point you to the crash location.
    5. Please post a screenshot of the stack trace as well as the crash location, this is the most helpful information.

  • @christoph-hart u da man! Gonna check it now.

  • @christoph-hart Back to square one. Debug version loads okay. Release crashes. ☹

  • I don't know if it's useful, but here's what happens when I debug the release version:
    0_1524583677703_release debug.png

  • Can you post the exact state before you export (as HISE snippet) then I try to reproduce it.

  • HiseSnippet 1254.3oc4W07baSDEeUbT.GJeTldfYfC9.vjNjlwJMeTldnNwNtMD6XOVId5MOakWauSj1UypUNX5zANxeNbmCv+LbO+G.uUqUzphSH5PBc.cvi22W526812Gpqf6Qhh3BjU4SlERPV2y1cFSNo9DLkgNrAxZEaIIRh1eVHNJhLDYYU54JdVkWFk7bwy1G6iYdjLRHTeN0izhFPkYTCqcD02uIdH4DZfgzaU6PONqN2mGC3njcUTH16L7XxwXkXKYirrOXHUxEtRL.Fj0x6yGNycB+blV99zH5q7IpCNHWvPZxM49CUHVQEUeB0eX2T+MBAFsal2WR68OvtMcH8R5YQgOIgQkLMLiGVKccvywDdUu4vyx.dKqg28sc8DzPYFGE19.6CYRhXDFRAlvRKKx5WsqyAAXxMBvmQZJfCWpvZ6Ts55U1tZ0G9zQwLOIkypvYGykjNr0d3pud0xq9lUeaNiFsHVpWhf66SDKhqJkKtF0ViEG7JhX8JSw9wjT4.OOen09pCslYdOsCaHHmcHiJ6DRXWU.GMOJA+6zCafkXUNXNMPtPhPRUPvpAYJb4VmQJa2fDcljGhP+8zEbogOL1GKyeSRU9LmADBxkxT4EVDUNyr75V450MEt22tKU5MYw3coEfWHpcai24Eqen8AiFQ7jYfcY6lu71uxzDJegFJepsqTPvAT1XWbPHTCjfmx1omtSae1UP743gtzevPreu19wP3Rjm5uTK4UsW.Olk6cMG38HgDrDx9Y5D9w60q2yE73v2VqKdVxckSDP6aHRXxnCi.gcooOVWvihFAtShshLY0MVLVEqxnziLkHhxS633.H0yXDeUiAKKfThopdBNIm9U1at0F4el1A9Yz2n962VO4rVEmhqxlEWkGWbU1p3prcwUYmhqxtERE8so13vENN+8tYM0A06hgrsgj6SGaXZEkrR2pY2vRvpw9BKXZ6JuSuLvc2vkR2L39OruR4TL5RUYmCXSgNR.E8DkFjQ3Xe4kTMAYaNiGNgynd4K+kB53wDgIzWn+rmTBcexn7fZ8H9DbjQOuurVKJifE45pUrPgyMOTbcoqOyVC2JpN5U9uwNAk9e+NAWWn6iluQPE3sKjuimmumcRq9JpcN92Bp83wRXWh1XnAv2CSNfg9tvhNdDyQ+KoVmPetp5rBPtD1vjC+I7LmoS5dBJlNoLQdolB7s4+OY+eqRDlZxQxpt9vFH9lWoif0oTPBFnghRRpApgPKq+jrrwRt3oDcqFMPuxkmZS85xgnJTPo59X+T30pMLx5yUVU6XMo9y+x30sec2dc9tCpexflcZ03fduw83Am1cP+cdT0mLvwwYfyl6NngyFmimBAR05W1VeMXhWPOhLK8PKdtC8Udo9M8B57C+XFrSif849wA41YElMmp3wbQ.1GVzL41RRyBSI0wFcEPZ1BqmSLTQ3nRkLkABdoh0hyCyomhfgVpiuL45ZN9oIwRs3mSDfSw8fKu4D7zvvqfykHQRTlHy25RvFCZt32Tit7oxIv2GGQTY1URc3TNsHrwRUnXEEXyLduDaqszO8y+QsFwg9Tu4uv6jRf.rmfOvS+s3pBg2OgBbMjkbUqrca04JNnjuOWW5F.aAMvyS0i8QPw6h0XyBqwiKrFaUXM1tvZrSg0X2BqwStFMTqbtWrjGnm3hP+00lLQY

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