(SOLVED) Broken Pan Modulation

  • Lots of posts about this already aksing for fixes, but I'm asking again 🙂

    The Pan mod still doesn't behave as it should.

    The pan seems to modulate only from the centre to whatever side you set the balance, but not equally to each side...

    @Christoph-Hart Please? 😛

  • Yes... wanted to add this feature to my project yesterday, but after having a hard time with it I realized it was broken. Hopefully if gets fixed soon! 🙏

  • @BWSounds Same. There's been a few fix requests for this one for a while, but still no word yet... 🤒

  • I have fixed this a few months ago already, so not sure what is wrong here.

    HiseSnippet 957.3oc6X0saaaCElx1bHA6urtLfcotX2MrBK2rttqpabrCLlcsPbP6J1EEbRGaQLJRMIpr42x8HrGg8FrcnjsEUpQlm5uoX5BAyOxC0GO+S6mpBfrLUJw4vKWk.DmOhNekTGMHhwkjwmQb9D5TVlFRcKgNcUBKKCBINNsO2.3bXGRwye8vSYBlL.pfHjmn3AvDdLWWg52+G3BwHVHbIO1Z0mzebfRNPIT4HeZS6RRXA+BaI7XlYYsnDmOXXHWqRmqYZHi3z4TU3p4QpeSVt9mvy3+r.LC7HywMpDdjRDZXr42jAQbQn+lycFg3P8qzBsK0BGSmxC4awqzFGULgakD15CmV2D87roW2cROucPOhE65TxNjDpvbASWmYFyw5I3p5VpwRMHy35U1lq2pz8yn9bcPzt4aqcvWzP85luqM9eLc3hEPfthrcni9wlZo+O3H5XwkC1FNxiSDv4Ugik.tFDuaHbjPNCDrZJvmxC0QU.Oq+KDv9r9ikWAoZekfkdc0e65m4162YdGmyN6sOh4H4dqwm9NzBU9sIBW3Rb6gvGQ8YubNDM2q0N57SK4HkNYzr0DC+k6VF68uSrS4IlfLS1tQovulCx.q4+yGZpONtV77SYWAKTowke6M3G0eBrD+l168kPbhBqiGXK97XkRGwkKqW0kPlnTICkLTKDZuI9QrLX1hEYf1d0Cxyzp3Mbonr7bMjbFSyHN+D89mbW7YwWad+8CvW2a1qlwjWcVxV6o21mWXT2Z8Ll22wiOJY7V+o2lL9BUtFc1lxzo7eGCUdbd7brwt..YqTBB7CQcZYbnJG20LtvOEjgEC9a7Y8jdlwNqmzayj1ZkiK0JeH03YVzBagB4Kna7TcOGjP5KFbVup4eruMwlr2MwNKPiT3xTlLKQkAd1670lqW8x25bY8kWB065IEFgGOq0cP+Mf8rAwLm01LbbscZpwLUk+oLivb.OMgyxBvCqQ2UKAQtHCJJf3YKXEbOa3q29vd1xT8lZsV++2HeSpw0c+qwc3FNV1v4PrwPgBQ1zoyBVtPuAsdL0TkTkDoj7ZEft.vTAKWB0bh14A5QZMdyuJji6eAH.rbTEzW0eBWBrTTOAu9q2eS1qujVRWWSh.22Ot.V626u.1KWDJlq7c.K8ahRruI9FwrfT0ywBM5TkvD5cPABdtkE+yOGRmZF65QthIxK56t6c6RhwD3OOHv3c7Mn9Y2xzqAxbuFHyIMPlusAxb+FHy20.YdvMJio14ixw6AT5+i.9CKuAfy1aR3zl7O.bVvCA

    You should hear how the LFO is modulating from the full left to the full right in this snippet.

  • @Christoph-Hart Working here 😉
    I think the problem came because we need to set first the balance to full left or right, I didn't do that personnally...

  • Yes, this is intentional so you can control the intensity of the modulation with the knob itself. So if you set it to 50% right, it will modulate between 50% left and 50% right.

  • @Christoph-Hart Yep now I got it, it's convenient effectively 😉
    sorry to ask here, but do you have any idea about my previous post, please? https://forum.hise.audio/topic/2033/fx-with-midi-sidechain

  • @Christoph-Hart Problem solved! Thanks dude ☺

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