Envelopes as container FX modulators

  • Could you make it possible to use envelopes to modulate container level FX? I have a container with four samples and I want each sampler to be affected by a filter that has its gain modulated by a table envelope. Currently I have to add an FX and a modulator to each sampler but it seems it would be more efficient if only one FX and one envelope could be used.

  • Unfortunately this is not possible. The problem is that envelopes are polyphonic modulators which calculate their value for each voice. As soon as the voice amount differs between samplers (which is the case if the samples vary in their length or are differently mapped), there is no way how to distribute one envelope to multiple voices.

    There is a blog post about the Global Modulator System which explains this more thoroughly:

    Global Modulators (Scroll down to No Envelopes)...

  • Darn, oh well at least I can copy and paste them 🙂

  • I appear to be able to add envelopes to the Global Modulators container but I don't think I can do anything with it...?


  • Oops, somehow they managed to survive...

  • @Christoph-Hart Just noticed that it's still possible to add envelopes as Global modulators.

  • oppss Env.jpg

  • Would it be possible to add some kind of dedicated global or container envelopes that change a value over time as long as any voice is playing.

    My scenario is this, I have a filter on a container, all I want is for the frequency to move from one value to another over a period of 100ms while a voice is playing. I could do this with a script so why not with a modulator?

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