HISE multiple outputs

  • that doesnt exist in the standalone. thats what im looking for. i see it in the plugin prjucer project but not the standalone

  • Yes the standalone version doesn't not support multichannels. If you need multichannels, use the plugin version.

  • @christoph-hart i cant use the plugin version because it does not load my project. it just hangs on on preloading and if i click it it freezes. plus the plugin isnt sizeable and is way larger than my laptop screen i cant even close it lol

  • Have you tried the latest version? I've made some fixes that addressed crashes when trying to load HISE projects in the plugin?

  • @Christoph-Hart Looks like I'm having some issues again with the multichannel plugin version of HISE. It appears that I have my samplers routed properly to the Container's Routing Matrix, and those are assigned to the HISE outputs correctly. It functions properly in HISE, but when I export the VST plug, all samplers default to output 1-2.
    What I would expect is:
    Sampler 1 output = 1-2
    Sampler 2 output = 3-4
    Sampler 3 output = 5-6
    Sampler 4 output = 7-8
    If you look at the Container's Routing Matrix, you can see Outputs 9, 13 and 15 are maxed out even when the samplers are sitting idle.

  • changing my number of sampler outputs to 16 makes makes the HISE meters return to normal.
    Maybe I'll try to manually code the outputs to see what happens.

  • Manually coding the outputs didn't change a thing. The solution was to put each sampler into it's own container, and then assign those containers to the appropriate outputs. There's still something fishy going on with the routing though... Samplers can only be assigned to different outputs if the number of outputs from the container match the number of outputs in the master container.
    For instance:

    This will work:


    But this will not work:

    0_1527952160996_no work.png

  • Is it possible to assign different mic positions to different outputs?

  • @d-healey yes! I'll post details in one sec

  • And the channel assignment can be found in the samplemap xml.
    In this instance
    Ch 1 = DN
    Ch 2 = OH
    Ch 3 = ROOM
    Ch 4 = UP
    mic channels.PNG

  • The video is a little choppy for some reason....
    In short:

    • Import samples
    • merge multi mic samples (you'll notice that this increases the sampler's output capability in it's routing matrix)
    • change Master Chain channel amount to desired number
    • go back to sampler and assign the newly created outputs to the new master chain.

  • Thank you! and is it possible to add UI controls to let the user change the routing?

  • @d-healey yes sir! I'll post a hise snippet in a few

  • @d-healey

    HiseSnippet 1247.3ocsWs2SiaDD2FvmHtkp6j5Gfs7O0nR3hCgG2c5To75DpENZy0S2+cZi8XxJr2MZ20.QH9r0uR8aP6r9A1IjBNHUKDQyN6Lyu4wtyrmKEAfRIjV1s9z3Qfk825zeLWO7fgTF25jCsr+NmSoJMHI4Ks+3QTkBBsrsW7ClErasjU12e+y6Sio7.nZIKqOKXAvuwRX5pUOeuekEGeLMD9DKo1t6s2IAB9AhXQJhmEc5XMhFbI8B3LpYaK3XY+hiBYZgrulpAkk8R6KBG2en3Zd99+LSwFDCFBeq9nhxW9XQbnAwlUsNXHKN77R+VYgZ47pnvh4Qgu24TVH690qhFuLiAoRh5wC6EdL34+zvqyrfmcM3sTN7dkS+.IajthiAaeiyIbLQEQwTPcXkuWqE9qkcNPf6fq2HgdIbrDItWButc5rNA+2ZuaE2UbwDgRSthJI4Y+rH.48jrhiMt.zY3Lixa05EHqlK+qeM4CflPIRHBj.VUPzBBSqHRQplwufjP0R1M0sT9JnQpYRio9ibINMisWt9WwkwiYbfDkxCzLAmXpbRFH1WbiuwKkhXu.QxHAG820Q8GmBqsh6sq31BwldHSYrIih4CRvPH3REgEgqCDzZiR03hTNGhIvMLkVsAJWrHfFSToAlXNBSsLEPvzB+ScMSGLzqzJD7617eLeATEP7eKAMrwW.UlchXRzw0WigEdMCpHdumnLt10zq.i2Rl5yfeQcUHlBypIkIOttAMLDCLbHKb4gI6NSq7YtQ+0I9SuwARfd46lxA61TG7w7HEf0CgDS9GJcql4McmFjSRglXBQvBScpjqxxhko9fJ1Ahz3Px.vHED9.cUHvPA5ggBPw+QMVYLZjPpIIowZVoytddsVo0hnwJ3gHCc4whTLNZvkBO3LIZTlvSHDQQMSholCadJ.P3EKtdsIUWU84+U5byFkN27sMKt2aZs8z.XqFAfdMD.aO+.XmFAfsZH.1c9AvaZD.1tg.vuy7i.+lcndmlBgtOCHzrBwcaJDdFUh9OZo3c4+j+eVj2OTnvGdCu4hu7ysBSavrFG9+TW7hubePDgmwIfTJjUB0n6kex6juyzL7trlhkc2MsmKa84s58sEWcsMTFNYMGOfFGO.Gux6g8MMZtVa0yDZ3ibu0bu0sk6cOfSTzrXUnpXPNKtl49jOhXd7zjAfrrscw9vwelb9pWzr4qBxCK01nfeBmo+3Hnf9wGPzpHtZlEq.f3V0YSh8xhIwJigVrPyfX2GRsx7fZSDum0edxgTMsTYndQaMBjZlwkrODtBmXNeLuVNGBpK0hQY6sHghtcCM8MUl8n8FWQ766kPQdN1KiDLMjf10ywucW2Ma2ycq1a6tS6cceSa+Nt99s8655uYa+dt9a01eab58GLMJNSrHLEaKM4fxlWGTv.StSLQpYpSthoGW+0CywzycZ7v8MEtux4byDbyFuKLC7h4u+uwawaQVw4nnH7feEXWx43u7be3wb.kIl6FqWNKMoO9zr.n3FNkoFZAy4ib5Nkz8AdXFw+feEL8MzKVvzujoUBMPJ9ZP9oJyqcVNaEDS7rG80Be8IRSt+fjA2I3Sv9ZPfIPzFQ9rkn6bKwlysD8laI1ZtkX64VhclaI18Qjv7d2eIUKRxOVfKb9QYWfYaeD277orJPq+ELyXlMN

  • @dustbro Excellent, thank you!

  • @dustbro I only gets two outputs even when I select 16

  • @Jay This is only available for the "multi out" plugin version of HISE. Is that what you're using?

  • @dustbro I'm using the standalone

  • @Christoph-Hart Is there a multi-channel version for GNU/Linux? I'm not seeing such a configuration in Projucer (I do see it for the other platforms though).

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