Chasing logic/auval validation...

  • so I have a plugin that is failing auval.. the pertinent bit is probably this:

    Parameter ID:2135008121
    Name: Gate2-Depth
    Parameter Type: Generic
    Values: Minimum = 0.0, Default = 1.0, Maximum = 1.0
    Flags: Values Have Strings, High Resolution, Can Ramp, Readable, Writable 
      -parameter PASS
    ParameterID=154368669, Scope=0, Element=0: Saved Value = 0.468254, Current Value 0.000000
    ERROR: Parameter values are different since last set - probable cause: a Meta Param Flag is NOT set on a parameter that will change values of other parameters.
    Cannot perform Parameter Value check across initialization and reset

    as you can see auval kindly tells me which parameter has passed (like Gate2-Depth in the lines above the error...) but unkindly doenst tell me the name of the parameter that gives me the ID instead. Does anyone know a way to get the name for this ID? I've been at this all day - it started out at 3 errors and now I'm down to 1 by trial and error...and I'm losing the will to live...

  • @Lindon I don't know how to get the name or where the ID comes from. Does that output list the parameters in the order they are declared in HISE?

  • @d-healey no it doesnt -----

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