Global pitch modulator problem

  • I have a bit of a brain tickler here. If I use an LFO on the pitch parameter of a sound generator and set it to say 1 semi-tone, when the intensity of the LFO is set to minimum the pitch will be completely unaffected, as it should be. However if I try and do the same with a global LFO the pitch isn't unaffected when the intensity is at minimum, instead it will play everything at +1 semi-tone. I can somewhat overcome this by tinkering with the table but this creates a different effect which I don't want.

    How can I solve this? Or do I need to avoid the global modulator for pitch LFO?

    Here's a demo of the issue

    HiseSnippet 1040.3oc6X0saaaCElz1bqYoqaEqCXXX.yWrcUwBrcS694l4Dm3ffD2XD4jMfcQKiDsMQkH8nnbm2KwdZ16wdT1av1gRxVTMptVoIYCogWIdnNhe776GUekzkEFJUH75ClMggv2k3LSnG2YLkKP6uCBeOROZnlopmHZ6YSnggLODFWcOi.7Z0Pwi+9G2l5SEtrLQHzoRtK6Pd.WmIse6C399codrA7.q2dy166JEcj9xH.OUIMPSntufNh8Tp40pPPS4rWFhvMHOp0FpWz7reeqMrGCe3FcNPs4NwSNHSNxMRoXB8of5HLA+Ov.S10iqkJGMUyfuYsskdybFKeoHYqOkGxOymYlzD4.XJQbWoum4vadF0YL22q+bSXHBgeu9YFzpIFzGP5w83KjmYX+33EpmogsoEWYYvqoM7ZTH7ZV.7PVnqVB5.PH8h7o57Hy3YSWfKy6z2WnYhPtdlsm++T3deRet1cbw3sRA3EbTW03M04+gjcGNj4py.aMR2e950SemDn74j87kmQ8yLfRgFPESEiquHc45KVud1K75S5+qUMo+4qbROtZdCR0WuAwNyrfrwZ2HxF+jy4YBuTSHKQ4MrEjuaBjIjC6dTpEDdJCjsdyfrqh8qQLgqcpYaSHx9YQXs+i1+DcJanTEjrgYpeHaDrQ1RFvBlHg9Wt1BcBjR8XtXT9.uGztSTnVFL+qiveMo0lajeL8nj1Jv366DOG4nYS1gpoH7uPdxq99WViyUf5hmDTYkCyLtuE9Iii7+CgYoP9CHP0nPMUniA65Kl1p7f7BaKQkxTtH59R2TdM2Bs56lsPOVFogpF8nZE+2fBcOMJvAZR4x.jHDL+PCUxJHipwyaXlarLNLgWi47LSWroYNNcwlyWz93duji65DGnkaLG73C6mFOutoJU88XPyXii65sg7QtZX2GnnhvIxvbeXGV.efTXL5YBOIjYh8O1DHYKuijpJbInS.bFKTGGpNREGQtUfLRnyEAV8BQgOO2VqvjarLHd64yWc0f6anV9ZywnCOXhOaWwTluDjjTAZG1PZjudgTaP1SJjSFKEbW6.fiYPp4nQLkMzK77rkVCWkzt4+wLeF0NX9qZeHDDRUfYhckz8nn1ZE5t9LRBbqaRLqey3ZXu08PJA8gJKik5Gkmk5xup3Im7m2RR8VRpWPRpVSuki5pUe48SP77eFgIY3TphClvrLVC5+x42INtDY5qTbV84NIO2jUCbTFPigJzW27PR1xpkcAtUAvH0ThC+vk7eS9gW4BwWIN42EnIecrGATWk7Y.0WsR5aRvuSrD3bKh+8yqQ5YlWuIZJ0OJ0JE.L9dlqqwX+Mf0oXMZUZMdTo0XyRqwiKsFOozZ7skViuaIZXnWuUDzMLgcAB8urAYzEF

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    Not sure what you're trying to achieve here 😉

    Why don't you just change the intensity of the receiving modulator? The intensity of the original LFO will actually be ignored / sent to Nirvana since you want to control it on the receiving part anyway.

  • My goal is to simulate vibrato by modulating the gain and pitch with an LFO, I was hoping that by using a single global LFO instead of two individual ones I would save a little CPU.

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    Well this is exactly what the Global Modulator system is made for, but why can't you use the intensity of the receiving pitch modulator?

  • I don't see an intensity slider there

    0_1510956046559_Screenshot from 2017-11-17 22-00-27.png

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    The thingy that says 1.00st 🙂

  • But I want that to be set to 1st so the LFO goes up to 1 st, and then I want to use a CC to change the intensity of the LFO but I don't want to change the pitch variation.

  • not sure to 100% understand, but, do you want this (?) :
    alt text

  • I want that but as a global modulator, which I can do already, but when I reduce the intensity of the global LFO I want it to reduce the effect of the receiving parameter, in my case pitch. Which it doesn't, so for this purpose I can't see it being very useful unless I'm missing something... I guess I could write a script to do the job

  • this is a global modulator; but, infortunaly, pitch shift is already linked to sampler/waveform generator (maybe possible in global ?).

    So yes i think you must script to link one knob (or else) to the LFO & Pitch function together. And if i say well when you'll increase/decrease the value of your knob (or else) you will do the same thing for LFO intensity and Pitch shift.
    But LFO and pitch shift (pitch is in ST) have not the same values/interval.

    why not a knob for LFO (invisible), a knob for Pitch (invisible) and a global knob (visible) linked to the two by script ?

  • No that's not a global modulator 🙂 global modulators go in a global modulator container. That's a gain modulator at the top level of the chain. Take a look at the snippet I posted in the first post.

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    Now I get it. I think I need to change the way how the intensity modulation affects the intensity. Right now it just "modulates" the intensity and for Global Modulators this has no effect so in this case I need to apply this directly on the actual modulation signal. Does that make sense?

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    Or add a intensity modulation to the receiving modulator which might be even cleaner...

  • Ya that's what I need, thanks 🙂

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