Pressed for time so being a pain.....

  • Re the "Reverb FX returns mono signal" bug.

    I've demonstrated it and I think @d-healey confirmed it, and I've reported it in the bug list, but.....

    I'm on a really tight timeframe so before I head off and do this sort of silliness across all 4 send effect slots in my project:


    Where I have to duplicate for each channel(left and right) the slots and their gain returns so I get some sort of stereo signal back....

    @Christoph-Hart is there any chance of this being fixed soon? If not I will start this work around....

  • @Lindon what about my idea of using the reverbs pan modulator?

  • @d-healey -- er 2 points (possbly both demonstrating my ignorance)

    1. What reverb pan modulator?

    2. Panning the reverb isnt (even if this modulator exists) the point - these are SEND effects,

    So 4 voices all sending to send slot 1 (which holds a Reverb)

    Voice 1 is panned hard right
    Voice 2 is panned 50% right
    Voice 3 is panned 30% left
    Voice 4 is panned hard left

    • the output of the reverb should reflect these panning positions..

    in the current scenario even if I turn off voice 2, 3 and 4, the output I get from the send slot (in my return) is a mono signal.....of voice 1.(which is a stereo signal by the way)..which is useless I think - or have I completely mis-understood what you are saying ....

  • Sorry, I was getting mixed up with the Simple Gain's modulation.

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