Develop Branch / Backwards Compatability

  • So I just opened a finished project in develop branch and lots of things aren't working. Is it worth me trying to track down the issues and post them or should I wait for @Christoph-Hart to finish 3.0 and then check it again? Don't want to waste anyone's time...

  • @DanH Post them here, I want to know 🙂

  • @d-healey Maybe crazy code doesn't work in develop branch 😆

    Honestly though it will probably take me forever to figure it out - might just wait and hope for the best!

  • @d-healey Ok so first error thrown is that Hise can't find any of my global modulators, even if I rebuild them.

    Lots of my presets aren't loading buttons correctly. My table preset menu windows won't open (simple button using .showControl), preset label doesn't update.... I could go on 😂

  • Make individual test cases for each of these issues.

    For example create a new project (with the master branch) that has global modulators. Then open it in the develop branch and see if the issue is there. Do this for each of the issues so that they can be tested in isolation.

  • @d-healey I thought golden rule no.1 was only have one version of Hise installed on your system 👮

    Good idea though, I was doing isolated tests just in dev branch which were working... will report back

  • @DanH

    I thought golden rule no.1 was only have one version of Hise installed on your system

    Golden rule is only have one copy of the source code on your system. It's usually best to only have one executable as well to avoid confusing different executable versions with the wrong source code version when compiling.

    In this case having two executables to test the difference between them is no problem since you won't be doing any compiling.

  • @d-healey So one issue seems to be around this function

    const var tableProcessor = Synth.getTableProcessor("myawesomelfotable");

    Interestingly it didn't have an issue with a ShapeFX table, just the ones where I was using custom tables in LFOs. If I comment out those lines it solves lots of the other issues, but not all.

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