now that chris is back...more questions lol. utilizing filmstrip in VU and others..

  • so. your latest tutorial project basically got me almost all the way to where i wanted to be before i began developing this project. however. you said it would be simple to take the code you provided in the tutorial project with the VU meter.

    1. first off the meter itself doesnt appear in any compiles. it tried all variations of compile and it did not display at all. it shows perfectly in the preview but not in compiles "im using VSThost and cubase 8.5 for vst testing. (yes have the latest commit)

    2. secondly from what i gathered looking at all the available materials i was looking at the six state button tutorial as it dealt with filmstrips and displaying based on variables. i butchered the code and tried to get it to change the image based on getvalue from synthoutput but it wasnt even close lol

    seeing that it needs if arguments based on the decibel level and corresponding to the section of the filmstrip to utilize it seems kind of complex for my simple mind haha

    1. you had also mentioned putting an actual compressor module built into the hise fx. that would be awesome for my work because not having the variable ratios attack and release times makes it a no go on that front. if you could somehow explain to me simply how to port some of the open source royalty free code on the site into hise i probably wouldnt have to say much to you ever again lol

    2. and lastly i noticed that aax was giving errors and not compiling for me. i have an avid developer account i have had it for a while, i got the AAX_SDK_2p3p0 zip but there isnt any mention of what to do with it in the readme within the sdk folder. thanks again!!

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    If you upload your filmstrip peak meter, then I'll hook up an example project.

    RE AAX, you need to compile the AAX static libraries for each OS and compiler configuration from the Avid SDK (32bit / 64bit and Debug / Release) before you can export AAX plugins.

  • as far the aax reply i have no idea what that means. im assuming there is vb and xcode projects withing the sdk folder?

  • i think i figured it out. ill try to compile one





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