I give up

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    projucer has to be built from source on mac and this source is provided with hise -This is an apple mac problem

    I'll throw my Mac out of the window and buy a PC :-))

    That is nicely meant and is already clear to me - however, unfortunately, uses me nothing.
    It has already worked - I just have to think about what is different now than 3 weeks ago.

  • @MikeB

    I'll throw my Mac out of the window and buy a PC :-))

    Do it fast. I am waiting outside of your window... πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜› 😜

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    but unfortunately I'm a graphic designer for 40 years

    .. So just askin..... would you expect someone who has never done Graphic Design to pick it up in " a couple of weeks"? To be competent enough to charge for their services?

    Coding take years of effort to learn how to do. I think its unreasonable to expect it wont take as long to be good at it as it takes to be good in any other profession.

    I've been writing code for over 30 years...(ouch!), and I knew the day I started on HISE development I wouldn't be making anything of any value for at least 6 months - and so it proved.

    Perhaps divide and conquer is your best approach - find someone who will build the back end for you and you (graphic) design the front end.

  • I don't despair of programming - I'm dealing with Javascript for many years now
    And I don't expect to learn HISE in 3 weeks - no, the way is the goal.
    I'm just starting to have the same problems as you - I'm quoting you from another post:

    @Lindon said in [SOUL]

    Can I vote for "only do this later....much later" - I think its great and all that but right now - theres a ton of other stuff I think HISE would benefit from BEFORE you go back to look at this..

    I run into things that are not ready, or not complete, or not documented - see above for example.

    And still I will stay with HISE for now - I already recognize the genius in it and hope
    that it develops seriously.

  • IMHO You need To Spend at Least 1 Year Using HISE,To Master The Program.

    Take a Look at When Users Joined The Community, All Belong To Around 2/3 Years.

    We Have New Geniuses Like @Rudra-Ghosh , But He Has A Good Background In Other Programs Such As Synthedit And Also All People Here Are NI Kontakt Programmers, So Give It Time πŸ‘

    And To Make Things Easier, Get A Windows Machine.
    Windows is More Stable In Terms Of Learning Hise.

    Good Luck Sir πŸ‘

  • As already written I will not give up - even if I am desperate from time to time and think am I too stupid or is this a bug?
    I will now sleep a round and tomorrow then recompile again.
    and everything will be fine

    Thank you for your encouragement!

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    @MikeB said in I give up:

    As already written I will not give up


  • @MikeB said in I give up:

    As already written I will not give up
    Thank you for your encouragement!

    I had to give up HISE a few years back for similar frustration. Moved on to Kontakt to finish my library (thanks to @d-healey scripting courses), and then rediscovered HISE a year later (again thanks to @d-healey post on KVR).
    All of the roadblocks are just building blocks for the future. You're learning something new at each stage, whether you realize it or not.

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    @MikeB said in I give up:

    As already written I will not give up


    😜 😜 😝

  • @Natan

    We Have New Geniuses Like @Rudra-Ghosh

    That's right. πŸ‘

  • I feel you man. I started this journey 3 months ago. I’ve been nagging @d-healey on an annoyingly regular basis (weekends included)... I owe him some much beer by now that if I’ll ever met the man we might just not survive the encounter (🍺🍻)! Hell, I even dream of this crap. The best ideas and solutions come to me in the early morning hours while half asleep... Only to find out at 1 o’clock at night that I’ve messed something up again and that it still doesn’t work. I’ve been intensely at it, pushing as hard as I could. And it’s a pain! But I love it. I love the challenge that comes with it and I love learning new stuff! I also found out that it is truly important to take good healthy breaks from it. You’ll be more clear-headed afterwards. You have more experience than I do, so what am I blabbering here. I just have that exact same frustration from time to time. But this is such a great community and I see lots of potential for HISE and it’s front runners. Lots of strength and courage to you! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ🍺🍺🍺

  • So everything is back in the green πŸ‘
    New day, new luck - yesterday's problems solved and here we go again.

    Until the next despair πŸ™‚

    PS: and luckily we are a small community here and not the Reaper-Forum πŸ™‚

  • @MikeB said in I give up:

    PS: and luckily we are a small community here and not the Reaper-Forum

    ... that made me laugh out loud...

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