Starting to use HISE is one of the biggest pains in the neck I've ever had

  • @DanH I just worry about bugs, mostly. And scriptnode being advanced as it may be, I'm not a stranger to tinkering with more complex things - it's just the whole compiling process draining my energy.

  • I wouldn't start with an older version. Start by compiling, once you can do it successfully you'll be able to export your own plugins from HISE, you can't do this using a pre-built version.

    Something else you might want to look at is Decent Sampler - - It's not Open Source but it might be flexible enough for your use case.

    And that call + screenshare offer still stands.

  • @Rudra-Ghosh That may be, but if you want to build HISE you should use 2017, and you should not update the projucer application that comes with HISE.

  • @Zorpley I don't use Projucer Application that comes with HISE.

  • I am using the JUCE that comes with HISE, and I've done the following:

    Uninstall IPP completely, and Intel OneAPI
    Set the "use IPP" flag in HISE to 'disabled'
    Use Visual Studio 2017 with the correct Windows SDK installed

    I'm still getting the exact same error, which is as follows:

    Error C1083 Cannot open include file: 'ipp.h': No such file or directory (compiling source file ....\JuceLibraryCode\include_stk_wrapper.cpp) HISE Standalone_App [...]hi_streaming\hi_streaming.h 69
    (repeated 20 times over for different parts of HISE, all saying ipp.h is not found)
    Warning C4068 unknown pragma (compiling source file ....\JuceLibraryCode\include_hi_zstd_2.cpp) HISE Standalone_App [...]\hi_zstd\hi_zstd_2.cpp 1
    (repeated 3 times for similarly named files, like hi_zstd_3.cpp)

    I'm just terribly confused at this point.

  • idi1.PNG


    save and open in IDE (vs2017)

  • @ospfeigrp That seemed to do it, thanks.

    For some reason that extra flag is not mentioned in the github readme. It looks like I'd have to use an old IPP installer someone else posted here to get that to work, unfortunately, since Intel changed everything.

    Hopefully the developer figures out the best way to get things going with newer versions, because relying on third-party downloads of old software isn't the greatest. Or most reliable.

  • @AudioHobbyist said in Starting to use HISE is one of the biggest pains in the neck I've ever had:

    @ospfeigrp That seemed to do it, thanks.

    For some reason that extra flag is not mentioned in the github readme.

    Yeah it's weird, the option in hi_core should be all that's needed but for some reason we have to also set the flag in the extra definitions too.

  • @Rudra-Ghosh You should use the Projucer application that comes with HISE.

  • The one thing that HISE does really well, force you to give up and go back to using Kontakt, SM/SE etc, I have brought up these issues before, but teh website still never gets updated, and unfortunately that means that just getting HISE set up before even doing any design is "The journey to the sorcerer" it feels like some nice side project for people who are just bored with using full JUCE, sadly not the goal the developer was aiming for.

  • Alright, you heard the man. Party's over, let's go home...

  • @Win-Conway said in Starting to use HISE is one of the biggest pains in the neck I've ever had:

    The one thing that HISE does really well, force you to give up and go back to using Kontakt

    I started tinkering with HISE in 2016ish and had to move on cause I didn't fully understand what I was doing. Ended up making my library in Kontakt. After that, I started playing with C++ & JUCE and eventually found my way back to HISE.
    Now that I know it's more of an extension of JUCE, I'm very thankful for the effort @Christoph-Hart puts into HISE.

  • @Win-Conway said in Starting to use HISE is one of the biggest pains in the neck I've ever had:

    force you to give up and go back to using Kontakt, SM/SE etc,

    I think SM/SE can't even be in the comparsion list because of the ended support and ended updates (No AAX & VST3, Windows only and I don't even know 64 bit support has been arrived or still not yet in 2021!) In short, they are already dead platforms.

    I am sure Hise will be one of the best audio plugin development platforms after the forthcoming SNEX engine. Because it will open ton's of possibilites. And also it will open much more joyful part of the SM/SE platforms. Yeah this transition might be painful like giving birth of a child, but it will definately worth 🙂

    Thanks to @Christoph-Hart for building his miracle ONE MAN ARMY platform and thanks to the other contributors for this platform....

  • force you to give up....

    If anyone gives up that means he/she is not ready for programming or developing audio software in any framework. The goal of a good developer must be always swim against difficulties and overcome it. There is no word for ''Give Up".


    Be like ROBERT BRUCE

  • It's painful to setup and compile.

  • @AudioHobbyist Absolutely True.

  • @orange That simply isnt true, SE is 32 bit/64 bit/VST3 and AU.
    Synthmaker is updated on a near weekly basis, but is a hobby project now of one of the developers, not a real commercial enterprise.

    It is very sad that any comments by people struggling are met with the kind of comments shown here though, sarcasm and elitism do nothing at all to grow the userbase, and my comment stands as fact, a LOT of people have picked up HISE, messed with HISE, gone straight back to Kontakt, just because you do not like that fact, does not mean that it isn't true.

  • Well at this point I just assume you're trolling. If you have abandoned HISE and gone back to KONTAKT why do you keep coming back to this forum every few weeks to reiterate your same statement?

    Also this forum is full of people trying to learn HISE and as long as your question isn't aggressively stupid or intentionally provoking, you will get a helpful answer within hours thanks to the nice people that are part of this forum.

  • @Win-Conway Yes, HISE can very much be a pain in the neck. But, there are strong reasons why one would want to stick with it as opposed to Kontakt. I'll give you mine.

    Before I embarked on the HISE journey, I planned on producing my libraries for Kontakt. The idea was to create a GUI and package the samples that anyone would be able to use with the free Kontakt Player. As I started on that route, to my disappointment I came to realize the following reality.

    In order for my libraries to be used, end-users needed to have the full version of Kontakt. As widely-used as Kontakt is, it would still severely limit the possible market. If users have a DAW, that should be enough to use my products. They shouldn't have to purchase another product in order to use mine.

    In order to have anyone use my libraries without needing the full Kontakt, I would then need to partner with NI for them to encode my libraries and they would have to conform to their NKI standard. First off, I don't care to be conforming to anyone's standard other than my own.

    Second, there is a flat fee to encode the instruments+ license fees for each instrument sold, where you have to purchase a minimum of 100 licenses per product upfront. In addition to this creating a significant start-up cost for 15 products I planned to release, the absolute non-starter for me was the fact that this was deterring any future updates to my products.
    A couple of months down the road you realize one of your samples was defective? Too bad. Leave it as is or pay the flat fee again to have it fixed. Forget about continual incremental improvements.

    A system that doesn't allow free improvements is not worth considering, in my opinion.
    Plus, I hate their pathetic tiny, outdated interface.

    On top of any of that, I would have to carry and promote their brand. I am not interested in taking the focus off my brand.

    Now that Kontakt was out of the question, I was left between HISE and HALion. Why would I require users to download an additional piece of software in order to use my products, when I can deliver everything in one with HISE? Again, the branding played a role as well.

    So, despite all of the learning hurdles and HISE being a major pain in the neck to figure out, it is still a winner, hands down.

    If you go with Kontakt, you will always have to carry and promote their brand around and depend on their user base, while we, the HISE users, can take advantage of the entire open market and offer superior products to our customers that we can continually improve at our will.

  • @AudioHobbyist

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