Optional OpenGL rendering available

  • Hi everybody,

    I've just pushed a change to the repository which allows to switch between the software renderer and an OpenGL engine as I encountered some UI performance issues on certain systems.

    However it seems that on other systems, the OpenGL engine is slower (also it might be unstable in certain hosts), so I'd like to gather some information what's the preferred way (for compiled plugins, the end user can switch between the two engines, but it would be great to find a sensible default option that plays fine with the majority of systems).

    So whoever is able to compile HISE, please feel free to check out the latest commit, switch the engines and report back what option is better (In order to switch, go to Tools -> Enable Open GL Rendering and restart HISE to apply the change).

  • Compiling now

  • I can't see the option in the tools menu

  • Oops, its in the View menu - silly me...

  • So far everything seems equally as stable in both modes but I noticed a CPU increase for HISE of about 6% in task manager when using the OpenGL mode.

  • OpenGL wins by a million miles, very happy to have performance in HISE itself up to scratch now

  • Tool tips in the API browser are not working with OpenGL active on Linux Mint.

  • Actually I am thinking about removing the OpenGL stuff since it is very prone to deadlocks and all kind of weird system-specific issues. Also only Dorian seems to get a slight performance benefit out of it, in most cases it gets even worse 🙂

  • Yeah sounds good, keep it simple 🙂

  • So I found something. With OpenGL disabled, if the GUI updates (I move a slider or something) every element jumps around a little bit. But this doesn't happen with OpenGL enabled - Linux again.

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!