multi input for sidechain/ducking

  • Is it possible to compile an fx plugin with 2 stereo/ 4 mono audio inputs?

  • @giftlift I don't think we have access to the additional busses yet

  • @dustbro ohh, I didnt know if there was a compilation flag or something. Thanks(:

  • I managed to compile a vst with 4 inputs, but the second stereo input doesn't pass audio through the compiled plugin.

    I changed 2 lines in "hi_dsp\plugin_parameter\PluginParameterProcessor.h"
    (You can edit this file without having to recompile hise)

    adding this to the end of line 81
    .withInput("Sidechain", AudioChannelSet::stereo());

    and changing line 110 from this
    return (layouts.getMainInputChannels() == 2 && layouts.getMainOutputChannels() == 2);

    to this
    return (layouts.getMainInputChannels() == 4 && layouts.getMainOutputChannels() == 2);

    Now I just need to get the extra inputs to map to inputs 3 and 4 of the master chain. Like the first two are mapped to channels 1 and 2.

    I'm only trying this with fx plugin generation.

    Any ideas or a pointer or anything would be much appreciated... ~help

  • Can you direct input 3 to output into input 1, and input 4 to output into input 2?

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