.preset made on Windows arent recalling audio files on mac due to Foldername/ vs Foldername\

  • within user presets made on windows files are recalled

    this makes the paths unable to be found on mac

    when you save a preset on mac it saves as

    changing the direction of the slash makes the presets recall correctly

    i have about 500 presets so...what should i do...and also this should be addressed

  • Samples should be stored in the Samples folder and they should be recalled through sample maps not by presets. Could you explain your project setup a little more?

  • @d-healey its using the audio loop players which default to pull from the Audio Files folder

  • @mwplugs Oh now I understand. I don't know if there is a solution (I mean you could just do find/replace on all / for all presets (if you use a text editor like Atom or Sublime you could do it in seconds)). But I don't think that would be a good solution. I'm guessing this is something @Christoph-Hart will need to take care of in the HISE codebase.

  • any ideas? it seems silly to have to bust out notepad++ and have to do replace on all these lines and also have to have seperate mac and pc presets

  • i know the audio loop player isnt talked about much but its actually incredible for oneshots 😉 is there any program that can do replace all on a batch of files at once? that might have to do for the time being

  • @mwplugs Yeah, Atom, Sublime Text, and Cuda Text can all do that. I'm having a look at the HISE source now to see if I can spot anything obvious.

  • ughhh lol

  • I think instead of using AUDIO_FILES you should use the {PROJECT_FOLDER} wildcard like with sample maps. That may resolve the / \ issue too. I don't have a suitable project setup to test this so let me know if it solves it.