Any point in standalone apps

  • Is there any point in exporting standalone apps? I can't think of a reason anybody would use one over a plugin in a host.

  • @d-healey a lot of people I know use them for live performances

  • @dustbro Why would they do that when they could run it in a host for live performance and have so many more features... damn those people that you know, now I have to get the standalone export to work 😛

  • It is also convenient for testing purpose, so you don't have to launch or relaunch the host for testing new things (because testing directly in Hise is so laggy with big projects, I can't imagine developing without the standalone export option...)

  • @ustk I have no lag issues in HISE standalone...

  • Well, in big projects, turning the knobs/sliders is a nightmare once the interface grows big (hundreds of widgets/panels)
    I'm working on an iMac i7-3.5GHz/32GB, so it's quite powerful...
    sometimes when turning a knob, the 200 steps transform in a 3 steps knob 😬

  • @ustk That's a lotta widgets 🙂

  • One of my current project has a modulation matrix counting approximately 400 components, plus 300 components for the interface... Think I need a rest sometimes 😵 😆

  • Yep, wondered this as well, I have never, ever used a standalone ?

  • @d-healey I regularly use a piano standalone app when I'm just playing for pleasure. I know a lot of others that do this too, for anything recording related naturally a daw is miles better, but sometimes you just need a quick test rig rather than loading up a daw and possibly a template

  • @LightandSound Would the option of a standalone affect a purchase decision for you ?

  • @lalalandsynth For me personally, no - however I base my development around what support tickets I've gotten - the ui scaling and downloader were only made because of issues I've had with continuata and kontakt not being resizable (our concert grand ui was considered too large, while the chamber strings too small).

    I don't really mind too much when I'm making purchases because I'm just interested in the sound and playability I don't care much for the rest since if you're event a slight bit tech savvy, music production is really quite easy.

    In terms of standalone, that was more an issue for people I wasn't even aware existed as a market when I released the piano, people who have nothing to do with composing at all or even performing, just people looking to practise piano inside or while travelling etc. So for pianos it might be important, for an orchestral library or a synth? I imagine not...

    That said, I have messed around with SINE a bit, and having it as a standalone can be fun to quickly mess around - so even when it's not essential, it's a nice thing to have!

  • For synths that offer a lot of parameters and customisation a standalone app can be really helpful. You can load up the app and create a load of presets that you'll later use in your DAW projects.

  • +1 for standalone. For example, I really appreciate Arturia providing standalone versions of their synths. It's great for trying things out, using them as "hardware" and building presets. They also do provide a "playlist" feature so it is more friendly to the performer to organize presets for a show.

  • @pnyboer spectrasonics omnisphere 2 has a great standalone version that comes with the plugin as well for the same reasons mentioned above👍

  • @d-healey I use a lot of standalone instruments myself. for live or just for playing a while. I think it's a a must for a comercial grade product

  • Also its very useful for debugging customer issues because you can check whether it happens because of a particular DAW or in general (most customers have only one DAW installed)

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