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  • InstallerInnoScript.mp3

    Ok so here it is. In classic forum style - it wont let me upload a zip or anything like it so it IS a zip NOT an mp3 file so just download it and rename its extension back to zip and it should reveal itself.

    Its a pretty general inno script mostly stolen from Christophs .bat file implementation.

    It assume you want to distribute a 32-bit and a 64-bit dll as well as a single .hr1 file

    So it compresses all these up and creates an installer for you when you copy it into inno and build it..

    Theres a txt instruction file on how to modify it to make it work for your project.

    I'm more than willing(even hopeful) that someone with more experience with this sort of thing will offer up improvements.

    Right on now to that white thingy packages stuff for the Mac....if I get that to work I will post that too.


    fixed that one for u..



    Well of course - there were always going to be improvements.

    So :

    • some tidy up : it now no longer puts an unusable link in the Windows Start menu for a missing stand-alone exe
    • now installs a manual in the start-up menu
    • it now uses custom graphics (bmp images) in the installer.

    updated script and instructions

  • Nice! However I highly recommend not putting the .hr1 files into the installer - you want to have these things separated, otherwise you have to ship the entire sample content with each update to the program.

  • @Christoph-Hart thats the nice thing about NOT using a batch process. I can remove that element for the updates...

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