Convolution Reverb or Audioloop Player doesn't load file

  • OK, but what's with the latest master branch state (as of May 25th)?

  • @Christoph-Hart I will build it now and test

  • I just tried the master branch and it no worky. Anything else I can do to help narrow it down?

  • Yep let me know what I con do to help run this down.

  • Im running into something similar with the audio loop player on exported plugins. Im able to browse and load a file, but the audio waveform view is empty and audio doesn't play. It's not happening on all of my files I try to load, so I'm going to investigate to see if it's a sample rate / bit depth thing.

  • OK really really need this fixed now - my customer getting unhappy.....

  • Does it happen with every audio file? And if not can you send me the one that doesn‘t load?

  • Also check the scriptnode branch if it happens there too.

  • @Christoph-Hart it happens with every file I've tried...I will check the script node branch when i get a chance.

    I only have sporadic access to the Mac right now... any one else can check?

  • That's so weird as it loads perfectly here. What macOS version are you using?

  • @Christoph-Hart Mojave 10.14.5 - I listed this earlier in the thread, I also note @forgotpassword says he/she is on 10.14.4.

    @d-healey - I have no idea but he also cannot get it to load

  • Ah alright if somebody with a different macOS can confirm that it‘s just Mojave I‘ll update my OS and try to reproduce it.

    Last time I updated the macOS to High Sierra the code font was invisible but only with font size 16, so I expect another party of weird bugs, yay!

  • OK anyone out there with a MacOS other than Mojave? Could you do all us Mojave users a favour and check this?

  • @Lindon @Christoph-Hart
    Just checked on High Sierra with several versions of Hise from the master branch of 1st May up to scriptnode from 2-3 days ago including the last master, and everything is loading just fine...

  • @ustk thanks a lot... @Christoph-Hart -- it looks like this IS a Mojave problem then... sorry.

  • OK last attempt before going through the horror of updating my OS:

    If you run HISE in Debug mode inside of XCode, is it throwing an assertion if you try to load a audio file?

    Maybe I can remote-debug my way out of this...

  • @Christoph-Hart well it looks like no one else has the time to do this so I will give it a go, so from first principles how would I do this?

    • Assume I have opened Xcode from the projucer.....

  • Press on the play button on the top left (in the menu it's something like Product -> Build -> Debug).

    It should build the binary and execute it with the debugger attached. (You might have to skip a few assertions during startup). Then try to load an audio file and if we're lucky, the execution stops and points at a code location that reveals what's wrong.

  • Well interesting in a frustrating sort of way...

    So I ran Product>Build for>Testing

    --- and ran the resulting image (called HISE Debug) that was in:

    Hise Master>projects>standalone>Builds>MacOSX>build>Debug

    --- I couldnt see any debugger anywhere.... I also ran the same thing pressing the "play button" - that built the image and then did noting (didnt even start it..)


    HISE Debug WILL load wav files into the Convolution reverb - I ctrl-clicked and selected a file - it loaded. I opened a project with a convolution reverb in it - it loaded the wav file on start up - I selected another reverb from the projects combo box and this loaded too, so script based loading is also working.

    Just to be on the safe side I ran

    I ran Product>Build for>Profiling

    -- and ran the resulting image from:

    Hise Master>projects>standalone>Builds>MacOSX>build>Release>

    This WILL NOT open wav files in the convolution reverb.

    -- Im not sure this helps that much, it might help me if you tell me I can (as a temp work around) build plug-ins using the debug version of Hise Standalone...

  • So, not only is it only happening in macOS mojave only, it's also just in the Release mode? Oh lord.

    You absolutely must not ship the debug build of a plugin build with HISE. The performance is about 100x slower, all sorts of debugging functions might create drop outs at random occassions.

    But you can of course use the Debug version of HISE to build it - the export will use the Release configuration anyway (so in your end user plugin you won't be able to load convolution reverbs either. Not sure if this helps with your problem.

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