.hr1 and .hr3 Files Opening

  • So I went to Amazon to check and it seems as if the Value for the content type is correct:

    • Value = application/octet-stream which means it has to be opened with an application.

    So my MIME Meta-Data types seem to be fine

    Meta Data Correct.png

  • @MIDIculous I use Amazon S3 too. The Content-Type for my HR files is set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded

  • @d-healey said in .hr1 and .hr3 Files Opening:

    @MIDIculous I use Amazon S3 too. The Content-Type for my HR files is set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded

    I'm going to try Content-Type attachment

  • @Christoph-Hart
    compress in rar is just for download purpose After that they decompress to have the hr file.

    mainly of system (wordpress for example) hate direct .wav and other formats. But when compressed in .zip/.rar all is fine for customers 😉

  • @staiff If you're compressing FLAC (hr) to RAR then there is no point in compressing the .ch file in the first place. Also RAR is proprietary which isn't good and, as has been mentioned already, there is a shortage of RAR decompression apps for MacOS.

  • So far so good. I think updating this in Amazon S3 Meta info to ```

    I must say that the actual extraction portion is rock solid. Thanks @Christoph-Hart. As I said RAR is getting increasingly difficult, especially cross platform. Keka is finicky and UnRarX is discontinued, so this is a life saver. The main issues I get are:
    * Users not downloading all files completely
    * Users not having all of the files in one location

  • Yes, I might add some hash code to check the file integrity and check for the existence of all files.

    It's been a while since I've implemented this but I think there should be room in the metadata for these checks.

  • pretty sure we ABSOLUTLY don't understand each other.

    When finished compiling your soft (standalone .exe, component, app, etc....) and samples (HR1) you can:
    1- put all in one folder and compress it (rar and/or zip).
    2- create an app + a samples folders and compress then (2x zip or 2xrar).

    I absolutly not telling about compressing the raw samples and samplemaps. But final product.

    as i said before some formats are not supported by web browser and/or wordpress. I forgot to mention .exe files.
    Wordpress hate .exe file. So we must compress in .zip and/or .rar to upload them.

    the best way to avoid conflit beetween browser, platform and product is to compress it.

    Don't forget to talk about the conflict beetween PC, mac and linux format and the way that browser "read" them.

    And most of time if you put to download an .exe file the security software will warning. Not with compressed files. Sames for other formats (as hr1)

  • @MIDIculous said in .hr1 and .hr3 Files Opening:

    I'm finding that Keka is no longer compatible with the Winrar format and yields tons of errors.

    zip is better.
    for example with wordpress sometimes we have problems with rar files. Never with .zip files.

  • @staiff -- plus adding yet another extension makes the .htaccess regex even more nightmarish....

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