Folder name issue?

  • I changed the project folder name, reloaded the new named folder and .hip files are unable to be opened. But xml
    Changed back to original name and problem persist.
    Any idea?

  • Hmm, weird. The project folder name should not affect anything at all (the project name is extracted from project_info.xml). Are you sure it‘s not a temporary glitch?

  • @Christoph-Hart nope. Is something else. Also happened on PC. I copied the new named folder to a PC and same thing. Will do some test later when I get into my Mac again

  • i confirm
    the name used to save the .xml file depend/change the master container name and project. Vice versa.

    But not change the project name in the properties/settings.

    My old projects had sometimes different names beetween settings/description, master container, project and saved .xml. Now: All must have the same name (except description).

  • No that‘s something different. The master container needs to have the same name as the file, but the project folder name shouldn‘t change anything.

    Try cleaning the recent project history cache (it‘s an XML file in HISE app data folder.

  • @Christoph-Hart well. After dealing a while couldn't find a way to get the .hip back to life.

    For some reason I can figure out I killled the project just renaming the folder. Needed to use the xmls backups.
    I saved the .hip again and everything worked.

    Disclaimer: it's a weird project made out of a python script using more than 100 sinewaves modules

    @staiff it's not the Master Container name what I changed but folder's name

  • @hisefilo said in Folder name issue?:

    it's not the Master Container name what I changed but folder's name

    Are there any special characters in the folder name or project name? I had some issues with that in the past.

  • @dustbro nope. Also deleted spaces on that name

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