Floating Tile - loadFile option

  • OK, filled with hubris from my (crappy) attempts at an authorisation system - and Christoph's subsequent very useful Authorisation script and loadFromJSON changes, I'd like to suggest an addition to the FloatingTile.

    It would be very very very useful to have an option to "loadJSONFile" - it would look(and function) just like the preset browser but would return a JSON file. Just like the Preset Browser it would look in the AppData older only.

    In (say) User Files as opposed to User Presets.
    I realise I could go build this all myself - and I will if I have to but having it available would be great.☺


  • @Lindon What would be the purpose of such a thing, other than for the authorisation system?

  • @d-healey Well I already use a similar system in Kontakt for these things:

    1. To allow the user to select the sound (by category) - some of our instruments have 1,000 groups/sounds in them - this system allows me to categorise these - and have subcategories, and then list sounds within sub-categories... (a lot like the preset system in HISE). So in this scenario I'd create a set of folders/directories in AppData and a set of JSON files in the lowest level folder that just contain the name of a SampleMap.

    So: run the Floating Tile, get a file back - read which SampleMap to load

    1. We also have a quad-loop player coming that is based on our (now very old) single loop player. In it the loop playback plays 32 "slices" of the loop according to some pre-defined pattern, and there are a LOT of available patterns. So again I'd like to define a set of Pattern Categories, sub-categories and have the patterns (themselves an array of numbers) stored in a series of JSON files.

    So: run the FloatingTile get a JSON file - read the JSON file for the pattern to play.

    In instances where I use JSON files for BOTH these I can put some sort of header in the files to decide if the user has selected the correct "type" of JSON file.

    Oh and I cant see how it would get used in any Authorisation process, it has a single file to find that either has the right number in it or not.

  • @Lindon
    1: Why not just use the existing preset system? I do this and load in different sample maps based on the selected preset in all of the instrument projects I've made with HISE.
    2: You can already do this internally, the user wouldn't need to select a json file, they could just select the pattern from a menu or preset system and the script will load the correct json. This is pretty much what I do to load all of my settings for the various instruments in my woodwind library, although probably not close to the number of values you'll be using. I store all of my settings in a single JSON I call the manifest within its own namespace.

  • @d-healey Sorry mate but I think you are missing the point.

    1. In a two voice synth ROMpler - the user needs to select sounds to load into a "voice" - we have 1000 sounds. They can combine any two "sounds" from the 1,000 available. Loading a Preset would load BOTH voices with something I selected. Loading Presets is for, well , loading presets. This is for end-user sound design.

    2. Yes I can have a menu that does this - I can make a menu for either of these scenarios - but again its a menu of a bald 1,000 element list - with no categorisation, favourites, etc.

  • Here's an example: Key-Tone - e keys/piano ROMpler

    alt text

    --See how there are two voices? Currently loaded are voices called "CP-80" and "Zinc Oxide"

    Click on "CP-80" and the browser opens:
    alt text

    See how this is showing categories/sub-categories and contained sound sources for to load into Voice 1?
    Its this thing the "voice browser" I'm trying to get to - but using a more generic and I hope useful FloatingTile option called LoadJSON.

  • @Lindon Good idea. Something like Omnisphere or similar stuff. If you load 2 same sounds, how will you handle the phasing problem? Sample start modulation?

  • @orange We DONT handle the phasing - if you load two copies of the same sound source you get phasing - your call.

  • @Lindon Yes it would create phase issue. But it can be handled with altered round robin (if it has). So for example; when the first sound source plays a thirth round robin sample, second source should play a different round robin sample.

    Maybe for synthetic sounds it is not necessary (only sample start modulation can be used), but for real acoustic instrument samples it should have 😉

  • @orange We dont do "classic" round-robin either - we use our IRRE (infinite round robin engine) . To be frank if user is using the same sound source in both voices they are really really missing the point of the instrument.

  • @Lindon

    IRRE (infinite round robin engine)

    I'm intrigued... is this sample borrowing and pitch shifting?

  • @Lindon I did this using 2 menus loading the samplemaps

  • Why don't you use a viewport? I am doing this in HEXERACT to categorize the sounds.

  • @Christoph-Hart can you give me an example?

  • @d-healey nope - its pitch, time and eq-shifting

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  • @Lindon

    nope - its pitch, time and eq-shifting

    As in start offset or delay?

  • @d-healey both

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Floating Tile - loadFile option:

    Yeah - sort of.... but no nice favourites processing and only two columns - as I said I could build my own and it would likely use a viewport or two, but then... see my first post here..

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