Pultec EQ Model - Beta Testers Needed <<<<<<<

  • Hello everyone

    We've just finished our Pultec style analog eq model (EQP1A, MEQ5M & HLF3C) with HISE.

    I'm putting the plugins here. If you have time could you help us with testing this plugins? Any information would be appreciated, also please give the info of your daw and operating system...etc. Especially mono versions are very important, if you can, we would be appreciated to have this information about mono versions.

    PC (VST / AAX - 32 & 64 bit - Stereo & Mono Versions)

    MAC (VST / AU / AAX - Stereo & Mono Versions)

    License Number: RTPA-2O2A417A-40CP-C12162V44HM8

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Jay GUIs look the same because they are both emulating the same hardware.

  • @orange C4D for graphics?

  • @dustbro C4D + Octane Render. @remarkablex did it.

  • mono stereo.png
    The Stereo plug doesn't show up for me in Protools. The one labeled "mono" shows up for both mono and stereo tracks

  • @dustbro I gave the same "Bundle Identifier" and "Plugin Code" to Mono and Stereo versions. So maybe that's why it doesn't show up. If you remove mono plugin in the AAX directory, then Pro Tools will show stereo version will come. Pro Tools choose one at the same time. Is Mono plugin working? By the way, now I recognized that; the default value of the power switchs are 0. you need to make switchs on.

  • @orange

    same soft: C4D, but after trying Arnold and Octane, i use now HDRI studio Rig:

    powerful photorealistic render more faster tha Arnold and Octane (and you have not to "convert" materials and textures as with A & O). 😉

    Really nice GUI. didn't tried yet the FX.

  • @staiff Yes greyscale gorilla stuff is great. I used hdri studio rig too.

    Using software is depends on the choice and in what you feel comfortable. For example Voger design company, which has really great designs, uses only Blender.

    It is like daw, today, almost all of the daws have approximately the same functionality. you can make a top record with fl studio (Avicii used that) as much as Pro Tools. The important thing is are you feeling comfortable, using with more flexibility and being creative with your software? If yes, then this software is the good choice for you...

  • @remarkablex
    for rendering engines it is a matter of taste. None is better. they will all photorealistic rendering if you set them well.

    for DAWs it's the same. Here in France FL studio is considered a DAW for children, Studio One a DAW for amateurs (who do not compose the "good" music because on Studio One). It makes me laugh to read all this on the internet.

    We even go (in France) to criticize Win10 - claimed as shit - against Win 7.

    I had a grandmother who cooked with old, old-fashioned pans. But she was making food as never before I had my meal (my madeleine de Proust).

    Then yes. everything is a matter of taste. As for this FX Noiseash, which looks like many other plugin recreating the Puigtec already. Yes, it's true. But there are some we like to use, others not.

    So I will test it, and it's not impossible that I prefer this one to others.

    Basically, I create my own VST to feel more comfortable with a device, which already exists, created by other companies; But my version I know, so I master it better.

    So to finish this very long text: HDRI studio rig is just an example, you're right Remarkablex, if you prefer Octane and you master it better, then continue with. In any case the rendering you made on this plugin is just ... Woaow! 😄