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  • Hmm, never heard of SendOwl - nice.

    OK - some quick comments that hopefully might set context for those of us only starting out on this selling audio products malarky., and may set/adjust a few expectations. I will at some point try and mention HISE in all this...

    First there are a whole load of distributor web sites out there where you can sell your products - it's an intensive business and takes a lot of effort to be successful., and this is reflected in the margin charged. If you sell non-exclusively (thru multiple stores) then you will generally get 60% of sales (yes they keep 40%), exclusive (on one site only) and your share may well go up to 70%. Some sites roll the transaction fees in there some add these on top.

    So I think a HISE-focused shop would be a good thing, but it would be non-viable to suggest only 5-10% of revenue went to Christoph(the shop owner-manager). If Christoph set up a "shop" as he suggests he is thinking about, then I would expect him to charge the same sorts of margin as everyone else.(30-40%), and all of this has nothing to do with the licensing each of us will need to pay Christoph to sell HISE-based products commercially, through whatever channel(s) we have available.

    The only thing I would ask Christoph to consider when deciding on the model for this licensing arrangement is that most of the time we the "sellers" are getting (usually ) only 60% of retail - and retail might be "50% off sale" prices...so it can be quite "small-beer"

  • Do you really think it is okay to take up to 40% for what is almost passive income by the distributor?

  • @Stroggan Most of the distributors asks approx %40. + If you don't have a license tracking system, (if you only give serial numbers to the distributor) you can't know if a serial sold several times.

  • @orange I don't care about what most distrubutors do as that number is pure greed. And I personally don't care about licenses with my own libraries. I'm just wondering if @Lindon actually believes that revenue split is fair or not.

    Why would 5-10% or less not be viable?

  • @Stroggan In the end my opinion about this matters not a jot. It definitely not passive income however. They are doing graphics, audio demos, social media work all to increase traffic to their sites. Most of the big vendors have 200k+ subscribers - if you think you can get that many then feel free to enter the market, and charge me 5% - I will sign up in a heartbeat.

  • @Lindon Your opinion matters because we are talking about Christoph setting up a little niche store for HISE instruments, and I am assuming that he will not spend considerable amounts of time and money to market every single product on the store constantly and in perpetuity.

    I just hope that we can be a little progressive here and not artificially inflate the prices of our products for no other reason than "they do it".

  • The current plan for the "HISE store" is a affilitate link setup which will charge a certain percentage amount when the customer buys your product through this link. This will be in the range of 20%-30%, which is the standard for distributor cuts, but again, just applies when people buy through the link (which assumes that I did the marketing for this conversion).

  • Yes.
    The 5/10% I wrote it. but it was only an example. The other sites recover 30 to 40% "without doing anything" of what you say; But Christoph - he - creates, develops and updates HISE all the time. He deserves these percentages.

    PS: beyond 40%, I think that in return we can ask for a picture of Christoph in Spider-man, or naked Christoph ... 😨 😰 🙄

    ok, I go out ...:face_with_stuck-out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Well this is me dressed as mermaid from a theatre production a few years back:


    Can I have 50% now?

  • Lol,

    still waiting for a "Christoph Harp" instrument, btw..


  • @Christoph-Hart Ahhahah, it was good 😉 🙂 Yes you deserve it all the time, without this picture 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart

    70 % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄 😄 😄 😄

  • @Christoph-Hart It's like to see a fusion between the fisherman and the mermaid in the Frederic Leighton's painting 😛 493px-Leighton-The_Fisherman_and_the_Syren-c._1856-1858.jpg

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