Mac question..

  • ..of the most basic kind., as I'm a windoze dev. for like ever. So apologies as this isnt very code related ...

    So I will need a Mac to roll out plugins and I know next to nothing. I've read here that the Mac mini with i7 processor would work fine, and would seem to be the best price point. BUT.....

    I need to amortize the cost of this across a couple of functions and the other need is for this to be a laptop.

    So its going to have to be a "new" machine, so I'm thinking of a 13" MacBook Air... would I need the i7 processor here? or will the std i5 do me?

  • @lindon Unless you have some real need to do the compilation yourself I would advise against it. There are a number of guys on this forum who use Macs and would be happy to compile your plugins for you, and maybe you could compile their Windows plugins.

    And make the source code available so I can compile it on my OS too 🙂

  • @d-healey yes, more than willing to do "complementary-compiling", but the need for a mac for testing as well and "that other need" isnt going away, so I will need to get one anyway. But you are right all the heavy lifting will get done on the win platform, and all will be doing with the Mac is loading up the source code, compiling and starting to I'm hoping a slightly-less powerful mac might work OK.

    The spec seems to be:

    1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, Turbo Boost up to 2.9GHz

  • @lindon a 2012/14 Macbook pro will suffice. In fact a 2018 won't run Xcode 8 that's needed for Hise. Im compiling in MacBook 2009 without issues 🙂

  • @hisefilo Woah.... what? If I buy a new Mac I cant compile the HISE source?

    Ok whats the most recent Mac I can buy then?

    I'm confused when @Christoph-Hart suggests he's running High-Sierra whats he running that on?

    So maybe I need to be clear.

    I DONT need to know the cheapest way to build HISE plug-ins for the Mac, I think I know this - @Christoph-Hart has said - it's a Mac Mini, what I want to know is whats the cheapest NEW Mac LAPTOP I can buy to build HISE plugins?

    And now I think and addendum question - is it even possible to build the HISE image on a new Mac?

  • @lindon Afaik Mojave does not allows Xcode 8.x maybe High Sierra does. And Xcode 9.3 I think stopped support for x86. Have to google that to confirm, don't remember the version exactly

  • @hisefilo not true I'm using xcode 9.4.3 and is working fine and compiling without issues in Sierra

  • ..s o can I get some sort of clarity then on this @Christoph-Hart ?

  • Well if there is a problem with the latest macOS version let me know and I‘ll fix it, should not be a show stopper that justifies UPPER CASE SCREAMING 😉

    I am still rolling on Xcode 8, because Xcode turned to S*** as C++ IDE with version 9+.

  • And if they really removed 32 bit, it is a one-line fix to get it to compile again, but, again, I wouldn‘t know...

  • OK, well I'm still confused.

    I realisie I need Xcode 8.x - Fine.

    What is the most up to date OS I can have and still have Xcode 8 function?

  • @lindon I think High Sierra? I just bought a mac mini to compile, but haven't booted it up yet.

  • @dustbro thanks mate - let me know how it goes, Im assuming you will be compiling HISE from the source?

  • @Bastiaan also tried to use it in Mojave with Xcode 9 and the only thing that was necessary in order to make it work was to change a flag in the projucer template.

    I've added a setting flag in the HISE Compiler Settings called Support32BitMacOS, which can be disabled for newer versions (and at some point in the future I will make it the default, however I can't silently remove this target from the default settings).


    So nothing should stop you from using the latest XCode and macOS versions (except for a nightmare UX).

  • @christoph-hart Super, thanks, i will check it out!

  • @christoph-hart that's awesome!!!!! Thanks Christoph.

  • @christoph-hart yep good work.

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