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  • RE: Testing loadUserPreset and saveUserPreset

    but saveUserPreset() write PRESET FILE at the root of the drive where the executable is running from...

    This is of course complete bullshit and shouldn't happen. How the method works is that it creates a sibling file to the currently loaded user preset, but if nothing is loaded, then it does weird things like you described.

    A temporary workaround until I find the time to fix this correctly is to make sure that a user preset is loaded before you call Engine.saveUserPreset()...

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  • RE: A question about getCurrentLevel()...

    Yes this is correct behaviour. By default, the peak meters are not enabled in a compiled plugin to save CPU usage and the only peak level that is used is for the master container's output. If you want to enable all peak meters for all modules, you can pass in a compiler switch in your project settings:

    0_1527278836578_Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-25 um 22.06.54.png

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  • RE: AAX SDK missing?

    You need to compile the static libs for the AAX SDK. There are Visual Studio solutions for it available in the SDK.

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  • RE: Latency on Simple Gain's Table modulation

    Not on my priority list right now.

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  • RE: opinion needed. rhodes and Wurlitzer

    Try the new shaper module for a gentle overdrive that sounds like bark. Use the tanh shaper with a subtle gain and cut the high frequencies before overdriving.

    And technically it‘s not physical modeling because your not creating a virtual object and simulate its behaviour but more like „sound modeling“, so be prepared for other smart asses moaning about this...

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  • RE: File .exp and .lib

    Nope they are just intermediate files from the compilation.

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  • RE: Gain Reduction Meter

    Right click on the module browser and it shows a list of each module‘s parameter.

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  • RE: Gain Reduction Meter

    The getCurrentLevel() functions return the output level. For the gain reduction, use the dedicated parameters:

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  • RE: Tuning samples

    what about HDC18 ? 😉

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  • RE: Design patterns

    Yes. For this trivial example you don‘t gain much but if your initialisation involves more variables, making them local to the initialisation function keeps the root scope cleaner.

    And you can coallescate similar initialisations by parametrizing the function.

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