Sampler payback quality

  • Is there a control for playback quality on samplers?
    My cymbals sound like an mp3 underwater.
    I'm currently playing them back at the sample rate they were recorded, so I don't think it's a resample issue.

  • Not sure what you mean. As long as you don't resample, the sampler just shovels the bits from the hard drive to the sound card so there should be absolutely no difference to playing it back with any other software.

    If you HLAC them, they are converted to 16bit, but even then, you should not experience an effect like this.

    Can you do a A / B example?

  • @dustbro What modulators, scripting, etc. have you put in the chain between sampler and output?

  • @Christoph-Hart It sounded like I put a flanger on my drums.
    @d-healey I only have SimpleGain strapped across the multimics.
    It appears to have fixed itself once I installed the new HISE today. I'll report back if that changes.

  • What you describe sounds like a phasing issue between the multimic sounds. But there's nothing in the code that can change the pitch between multimic samples, so it can't come from there, so yes, if it happens again, please grab the audio output and post it here so I can check what's going on.

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