Project won't open

  • I was working on a project last night. I've just gone to open it and I'm getting messages about missing modules. So instead I open the XmlBackup I made, it loads fine (with a million audio thread warnings) but when I try to open the interface script I get an instant close 😞

  • @d-healey I have the same here.
    I was able to close/reopen the XML a few times and it came back to life.
    It's almost as if it only partially loads a project file intermittently at the moment

  • @dustbro Was that with my project?

  • Sorry guys, I'll take a look at this tomorrow, seems like a rather critical one 🙂

    @d-healey Is this behaviour reproducable with the project you posted?

  • @christoph-hart I only posted the xmlpreset and the .hip file. Do you need the full project?

    Edit: Just in case I have the whole project here - and requires my scripting framework submodule -

  • @d-healey it was one of my projects

  • You seem to have a lot of absolute (Linux) paths in your samplemaps, which all are redirected to /media/dave/Work 1/Xtant Audio/Products/Virtual Instruments/Woodwind/Sofia Woodwinds/Sessions/. This prevents anyone else from loading your project unless they are named Dave and have the same directory structure 🙂

    Resolving these paths make the debug version of HISE go mad. Have you tried redirecting the sample folder (last setting in HISE Settings -> Project Settings)?

  • I disabled sample map loading in order to load your project and it loads fine here. Can you check if that works on your system? Just add a return statement in this method in hi_sampler/sampler/ModulatorSamplerData.cpp:657:

    void SampleMap::load(const PoolReference& reference)
    	currentPool = getSampler()->getMainController()->getCurrentSampleMapPool();
    	sampleMapData = currentPool->loadFromReference(reference, PoolHelpers::LoadAndCacheWeak);
    	return; // <= skips the sample map loading...
    	if (sampleMapData)
    		auto v = sampleMapData.getData()->createCopy();
    		changed = false;

    I can imagine it has something to do with the sample loading interfering on the background thread with something else. If that fixes your problem, I need to get the samples somehow so I can fully reproduce your scenario.

  • @christoph-hart Brilliant, that fixed it. So keeping the samples outside my project folder until I'm ready to monolithasize them is not a good idea!

  • Well, have you checked out the redirect Sample folder option? I added this exactly for your scenario (sample working directory is on another drive).

    It basically creates the same link file as the compiled plugin (LinkWindows / LinkOSX / LinkLinux) in the sample folder and resolves all sample references as relative path to the given folder so you end up with these nice


    references in the sample map even if the samples are not in the actual Samples subfolder.

  • @christoph-hart Oh I forgot. Just tried it and it seems to have worked 😄

    alt text

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