• Yeah I‘ve hit a few roadblocks and I am currently taking a step back to check in which direction I go with this.

    The original idea was to make a visual development that is just used as C++ generator but I think I have to include the runtime into compiled plugins to allow more than just trivial hello world stuff (and it will probably use scripting for any kind of dynamic signal flow modifications).

    I wouldn‘t hold my breath until this is ready, but I try to have something to show when I am doing the HISE talk on the ADC in November.

  • @christoph-hart the main drawback I found on Faust for a beginner like me, is user interface should be made on JUCE. C++ skills needed. And Cabbage forces you to include csound in order to deliver a product. If you can do Faust or STK to work within Hise will be a huge step. I don't know if a graphical interface MAX-like is mandatory. Just my two cents.

  • The problem with embedding one of the existing tools is that there are many things in HISE that can be reused (file management, scripting APIs, data model), and making eg. Faust compatible with it is actually more work than writing an own system that benefits from the existing functionality in HISE. Plus I hate the feeling of not knowing exactly what the code does and trying to understand Faust on a source code level is way beyond my available time.

    Making the graphical interface where you can drag nodes is the smallest problem (in fact, this part is already done). What's more difficult is to decide which datatypes should be available to hnode, how can you achieve dynamic signal chains, checking that the generated C++ code is valid etc.

    Once these things are sorted out, hooking up eg. the STK C++ classes as nodes is trivial.

  • @christoph-hart thanks for the clear explanation. Well I guess you will disrupt with that! You'll be making crazy complex tools available to a huge and growing market.

  • @Christoph-Hart I know what I want for Christmas 🙂 hnode!

  • me too 🙂

  • Sounds like a reasonable ETA 😉

  • If this works anything like Synthedit or Synthmaker, this is the biggest news in audio software for many years !!!

  • @Win-Conway it looks will works as Max + Puredata + Faust + everything in just one place. Awesome UI editor and one click export.

  • Yeah Synthedit and Synthmaker are the benchmarks in Nodal design, anything close to those will be amazing.

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