Changing sampler octave

  • Hello !
    is there a way to have a function (or a script) to change the octave of sampler ( as the same in the synth group ) or the "transposer" in MIDI settings of global or synthgroup.

    There is no MIDI function for the sampler.


  • There's a Transposer MIDI processor that does exactly this.

  • hello Christoph !
    yes there is for waveform generator and synthgroup

    but not directly for sampler module.
    as i have 2 samplers in one synthgroup, if i use transposer i transpose the 2 samplers.

    but maybe the solution is to separate the 2 samplers inside 2 synthgroup to use it.

    Just a question if there was another solution.

    if no i will do that.

  • Ah now I understand. You can use a constant pitch modulator, however it will play the original note and pitch it to the desired frequency which might sound bad.

    If you're rolling with one SynthGroup, there is no way to make this work otherwise because the messages are passed to both samplers without modification.

    As long as you don't apply FM from the one to the other, there's no need putting them into one SynthGroup.

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