Sampler playback settings

  • Is there any documentation on the Sampler Playback settings? I'm trying to decide the best methods to use for a Drum instrument.
    What's been working for you? Normal playback? One Shot?
    I'm finding that I may need to use a variety of retrigger modes to get something realistic. For instance, Kill Note seems to work just fine for Close mics, but since there is a delay (due to mic distance) in the room mics, they sound better with the Do Nothing setting. Cymbals seem to be somewhere in between... Kill Note sounds really fake, and Do Nothing leaves way too much sonic build up. Is there a "fade out" setting on Retrigger? or Do I need to script something?
    Maybe a Fade out type of retrigger would work for all of the sounds?
    Also, If I use different retrigger modes for each mic location, does that remove my ability to use the Multi-mic feature? I haven't experimented with that yet, so I'm not sure how much control you have over each sample once they are combined.

  • @dustbro The multi-mic system treats each set of samples as a single sample so you can't use it and have different retrigger modes for each mic. There is a fade out setting for the retrigger modes it's called fade time and is in the voice settings section.

  • You might want to experiment with the "Kill second note" option, which I've added exactly for this purpose...

  • @christoph-hart I see Kill Duplicate is that the one?

  • Ah yes, that one I meant. Basically it kills voices only if the voice is retriggered more than once, so:

    1. Play note C1 - no kill
    2. Play note C2 - no kill
    3. Play note C3 - kills the first note leaving this and the second note ringing

    This has the advantage that you don't chop the sound before the attack of the retriggered came through as well as prevent a build up (and most importantly keeps your CPU nice and idle).

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