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  • I am interested in getting a licence for this to create instruments, however, i am mainly interested in drum instruments, so i have a couple of questions

    1. Can this have multiple audio outs (1 per sample) choosable on the custom created UI ?
    2. Is there a hierarchy for selecting programs available via the custom created UI, example
      Selector 1 - Genre
      Selector 2 - Kit
      So if i have 50 HipHop kits and 50 Techno kits, i could select either HipHop or Techno, then select one of the kits
    3. Similar to 2, would the user be able to change the hit type within kits via the custom created UI, example
      If the kick is on C1, a selector that would allow to flick through all available kicks, ideally it would have a triple selector set up
      Selector 1 - Genre
      Selector 2 - Hit type
      Selector 3 - Hit
    4. Unrelated to drumkits as such, does the ios export support IOS AU, or only standalone ?

    Cheers for any info

  • This forum is terrible, it would only allow me to post to C++ Development, it says the other categories do not exist ????????????????????
    And there is no email contact on the website ??

  • Forums working fine here, try a different browser, I'm on IE.

    Pretty much all the stuff you want to do for your drum kit can be done via scripting. I'm not sure about the multiple outputs or the IOS export.

  • Chrime and Safari, neither worked 😞
    Hopefully Christopher can answer about the multi outs, thats pretty much the most important bit, cheers for the other info.

  • Yes, sorry about the forum, something broke the category indexes (when you create a topic it is off by one) so if you try to add something in general questions it will be the index -1. I'll investigate this but it seems to be related to this NodeBB Forum topic

    And you're right about the missing email contact, I'll add a link in the footer of the website as soon as the email address is enabled.

    Now back to your questions:

    1. HISE already has a multichannel routing system, but it currently supports only stereo output. Adding multichannel output is not a big deal and a reasonable request (mandatory for every kind of multitimbral sampler), so chances are good I'll add this in the (near) future.

    2. You can dynamically load different sample maps into a sampler module via Sampler.loadSampleMap(filenameWithoutExtension). In your use case you can use a filename structure like GenreName_KitName.xml for your sample maps (every kit will be a dedicated sample map) and then use a multidimensional array or object that creates the filename using a string concatenation and load the sample set.
      From the UI side it's pretty easy as you can dynamically change the contents of comboboxes (so when you select a genre the kit combobox will be refreshed with the new kit list).

    3. You can distribute the samples over the entire MIDI note range and select the desired drum sound by transposing the input note to the respective note number for the selected drum sound via scripting.

    4. About iOS support: I was a bit overconfident to announce it yet. HISE works fine on my iPad (so the engine is running), but there is no exporter that builds iOS apps yet (this will need some time, so if iOS is your only target and you are on a tight schedule, you might want to consider another alternative). But adding support for AUv3 is definitely on the roadmap (I'll need to update the JUCE version for this).

  • No rush on 4
    3 however will not work, for instance my snare library alone is well over 1000, is there no way to do a similar thing as 2 ?
    If not is it a possible future addition ?


  • From what I understand you should be able to do 3 either by using the groups within a sampler or by using separate samplers. Either way some scripting will also be required. I suppose depending on your exact set up it would also be possible to separate the samples over the velocity range.

  • Wouldn't it make more sense to use the sample map loading to load the individual hits (As suggested for loading kits by Chris) and then create an upper level Preset/Kit loader using an array that loaded collections (Kits) of sample maps ?

    Sorry if that is silly, i built something similar in Synthmaker, but have literally no idea about scripting.
    On that note, a sticky in the forum with links to scripting training sites could be useful.

  • Another possibility is to use the RR group index for selecting the samples - you can think of it as a additional z-axis in the mapping concept (x-axis being the notenumber and y-axis the velocity)

    You need disable the default behavior and directly choose the desired group. There is no limit on the RR group size (except for 2^31)

    If you care about memory usage you can also purge unselected samples.

    I would also recommend one sampler module per drum type (I assume there are about 6-10 different types)

  • Yes i rarely go past 8 hit types to be honest, using RR sounds interesting.
    I need to start to look in to scripting.
    DO you have any hints at where i should start looking for learning materials (I am starting from complete ignorance but only need the knowledge for working on this)

  • There is a documentation link on the homepage

  • Yeah i mean for beginners, a reintroduction to javascript when you know zero code at all, bad starting point haha

  • Also scriptingcheatsheet.php is 404

  • There are tons of resources about Javascript scattered over the net (I particularly like the codeacademy site).

    However the core of building stuff in HISE is knowing Javascript. I added some tools that improve the workflow (drag and drop interface design, parameter connection wizard, autocomplete etc), but I am afraid if you don't know the basics of JS you won't have a enjoyable experience with HISE.

    It's easy for me to say but Javascript isn't very hard (there are some dark corners in the language but you won't tackle them in HISE).

  • That is why i asked if anybody knew any beginners tutorials to get started, i will look up the code academy

  • Yep codeacademy looks brilliant so far, thanks Chris 🙂

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  • This post is deleted!

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