About midi channel in Keyboard floatingTile, again...

  • The problem is: if you filter any midi channel incoming in standalone app, (as usual) and this channel is not channel 1 , the keyboard doesn:t sound. The keys down and up when you send a note from any external midi device, but when you click it don´t sound.

    If you want to filter any exclusive channel from outside (different of 1) floatingTile keyboard doesn´t work. Of course you can set the channel 1 to another channel , but in this case all incoming events of channel 1 come into app and this is not desirable !!!

    Is there a way to assign a different midi channel to the floatingTile keyboard?

    Do you understand my question ?
    Is a stupid question, maybe?
    I´m spanish and my english is no too good..., I Know..., but...
    Can anybody help me with this?
    alt text

  • The floating tile already has a MidiChannel property which does exactly what you need.

  • Something so logical and easy as :
    Keyboard.set("MidiChannel", whatever);
    I´m an stupid beginner,I´m afraid.
    How can I don´t think in something so easy ? !!!!!
    Thank you, very much, and very sorry..., Christoph !!!

  • I tried to use the property MidiChannel but dont works:

    console show me this message: the property does not exist...

  • You need to put the property within the Data object of the floating tile, like this

        "type": "ScriptFloatingTile",
        "id": "fltKeyboard",
        "x": 0,
        "y": 0,
        "width": 676,
        "height": 72,
        "itemColour": "4294951115",
        "itemColour2": "4294951115",
        "bgColour": "0",
        "parentComponent": "pnlKeyboard",
        "textColour": "4294951115",
        "ContentType": "Keyboard",
        "Data": "{\r\n  \"KeyWidth\": 14,\r\n  \"DisplayOctaveNumber\": false,\r\n  \"LowKey\": 24,\r\n  \"HiKey\": 127,\r\n  \"CustomGraphics\": false,\r\n  \"DefaultAppearance\": true,\r\n  \"BlackKeyRatio\": 0.69999998807907104492,\r\n  \"MidiChannel\": 2,\r\n  \"ToggleMode\": false\r\n}"

    It's easier to edit it in the interface designer rather than do it in code.

  • @d-healey
    Ok, I`ll try , thanks

  • I tried this and, really, doesn´t work:

    // [JSON Keyboard]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("Keyboard", {
    "width": 455,
    "height": 70
    // [/JSON Keyboard]

    "Type": "Keyboard",
    "LowKey": 45,
    "DefaultAppearance": false,
    "DisplayOctaveNumber": true,
    "KeyWidth": 13.6,
    "ToggleMode": false,
    "CustomGraphics": false,
    "BlackKeyRatio": 0.72,
    "MidiChannel": 3
    I tried this some hours ago, and did not work....

  • @jadg
    Keyboard only sounds when you select channel 1 ,
    Really, nothing changes when you use "MidiChannel" at ContentData

  • It´s something new in the latest version of Hise?
    I have version 1.5.1 , 6 March 2018, build version 650

  • @jadg You shouldn't have the //[JSON ] tags they haven't been used for a long time.

    Edit your properties in the interface designer -

    To set it in script you need to do something like this

    reg keyboard = Content.getComponent("fltKeyboard");
    reg kdata = {"KeyWidth":14, "DisplayOctaveNumber":false, "LowKey": 24, "HiKey": 127, "CustomGraphics":false, "DefaultAppearance":true, "BlackKeyRatio": 0.7, "ToggleMode": false};

  • @d-healey
    Ok, but I need to change the keyboard channel in runtime, so it´s must be in script, not in interface designer...., I saw this video some time ago and it´s fine...
    I´ll try the second option then...

    Thanks d-healey, and sorry for my ignorance

    Anyway, why the other properties work prefectly in the code I used and not MidiChannel property?

  • this is my new code:

    const var Keyboard = Content.addFloatingTile("Keyboard", 6,22);

    reg rkeyboard = Content.getComponent("Keyboard");

    reg kdata = {
    "Type": "Keyboard",
    "LowKey": 45,
    "DefaultAppearance": false,
    "DisplayOctaveNumber": true,
    "KeyWidth": 13.6,
    "ToggleMode": false,
    "CustomGraphics": false,
    "BlackKeyRatio": 0.72,


    And Keyboard still sounds only on midi channel 1

  • @jadg I'm not sure, @Christoph-Hart any ideas?

  • @d-healey
    It´´s really a problem..., and I´m absolutely incapable of resolve it

  • Check the latest version, I‘ve added this just a few weeks ago.

  • Here's your example as code snippet with a sine generator that reacts only to MIDI channel 3. It works on the latest build like it's supposed to.

    HiseSnippet 1133.3oc4Ws0aaaCEVxNpnVcIcEncXOJXrGR.xBryst1fglD63LiFmDD4d4sBFoisIBEoFIU5LJ5+w8So+C1NTRNVtUvKNXq.aSOoyMpOd347cnNWJB.kRHsrq0ebLXY+MN9i45QsFQnbqtssrWwoGQoAoWlpCGGSTJHzx1t5wFE10VxJ84Su3PBivCfoprrdsfF.mPin5oZi2+kTFqCID5SiJ38162MPvaIXhDDOUcZXESBthLDNkXbqhiksyQgTsP5qIZPYYuzghvw9iDumm4+qoJ5kLvHzzxGWnL0cDrPChMua0ZDkEd9j8sxBWzymlEplkEdrSOZH8F8SyFeapAuoQTLeXWYdvq4cDd1Ef2RYv6QN9ARZrdpEC1dfSWNdPMffGAEgUluVU1rhSKA5AWuQD4JniDEtIhU2sQi081oQi01aY2kcwCBk16Zhz6kv3KEDYn2O6MIZRXXGlfno7g8oLX05S7o95d6t9lat1dttRXnm7puL1gftkHJVvQgBANIjqBIZB59Gbqa1p0etWgE2s9Ih2ihn1s2Ak9EZpvy1EeuMLfjvzGDGCDooJDcZ.go.iMpJlQFeVflbMbZRzkfDspkIFi3R7FZndDpo4VaXVp9hgCYPOQXw0nUhRKhNVRhGQCTELbHCKRwE4BLeHP8M13oahpMkIXYCmCr5OeqOZ1dSxFanL4fzzQab2tZ5dds8FjvCvkf6I3mJzvY7UWy8Ct0b+n6maYvfxLYVRofw.YYVMsZx4D1p7z7x53YNKAl3GVwMaI88tckzAYauBNJ3c4T8YwPt7zh9lkTzakmev2dUWSRxzGjqC8KFjZpAN1sgqQBlrthZNsA0UZQbpu40X3NPm2Rm0GTrx0hhHv0YREl0ugjA12C+niMu7cFRour4Co.DgILhdVdACYXtALwNSCnoIiqn5wEIKW.xhFkRVTZd6VB2G4bNUGLpb7VoD7h4++owaN06xNGMX.DnmB1kb5716JO6cCJqjAkG33S4P57vTf7jTYu2frHdGCbPZRpyYh3u+2+DwLNr9HCmJVnlYg8gHZerlWUT4qTHOO7qojSE02Bq2K0zmdQGbOVZL9DchLsZ4fHQBWOS0Q06znuYaZJ3eIyAW5eOioyg2Ccxm.zgxvwr40P851tqWtAubKy.uOKUV81Au4Qhlwchr7nqYrgqjyF5yng322vC9PmfLPkMgzJcPvzy36u+WOtvp2tF5+hSgZSvnOMJlAGwuFX3nibBv7KLbi1hfrmfKhGI3zfh03W.ZIc3PPVD5kteNPqwKELUyi2+BfAjh8q+v9mf8YDo4ZF2wTQyaepXdGWeuSFb8LbOd+2XDV0+eNB6BQh4pM8HXgp4tLXmrON5H.xoaTlq0TwvLjI2vHmM6fGlJ7G3StwlFY6biMmX7qx2HhDHEuKHiyxTKe+TM39lm9qf0v+IEk8ZNgjxjahPF+2EDXR1+HlcJOhMW3H1ZgiX6ENhcV3H1cgi3oKbD+zbhvLd8fD7OhxZ8rr9ST2TkkJ

  • Thanks, I´ll try it with the lastest version

  • @christoph-hart
    Thanks, It works perfectly in lastest Hise.

    alt text

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