Shape FX, New effect...

  • New Shape FX is very interesting and cool effect. Thank you @Christoph-Hart for this nice tool 🙂
    We are able to see the waveform with Floating Title, very cool feature.
    But when you change the waveform shape with custom tool, it doesn't update the current waveshape. How can we do that?
    By the way, we are looking forward too see distortion pedal, overdrive pedal and guitar amplifier fx'es, they would be so nice too 🙂

  • @orange Sounds interesting, I haven't tried this yet as I've been occupied with some other projects. Tell me more about this effect, what's it for and what does it do?

  • @d-healey It's a some kind of distortion plugin. It can be used in anything that needs distortion such as Guitars, Synths, Vox, Sound Design purposes...etc.
    In Shape FX unit of Hise; there is a customisable distortion shape tool. You can create your tasteof distortion.
    Another example plugin:

  • Yeah, you can even write your own transfer function using Javascript which will be either calculated directly for each sample (which is quite CPU costly, but OK for developing) or create a cached look up table that will be used.

  • When you change the waveform shape with custom tool, it doesn't update the current waveshape. How can we do that?

  • Works here:

    HiseSnippet 1021.3ocuV0rbaaCDFzVHIRstsdl9.vwmbF4jgL9mlzbnJVxpUSrszX5DmzKYfIAEQLI.KHnr0jIsW6qReF5kduG6CQu12fVrjThjoJtVclDdh6efe6hc+3NRJboIIBIxn4oSioHiOE6LkqB5FPXbzfdHiOCeDIQQkl4p1eZLIIg5gLLV8aAEFMafxd9quYeRHg6RKUgPOWvboGxhXpRswcdJKLrOwidJKph26zYfqf2UDJR03YUrEJl3dAYL8XB31JXjA9.OlRHcTDEMQ6y9BuoNAhK449+bVB67PJHXibzGTtZT2.Vn2nY4ZBBYzXTYluZdl+k3iXdr45Kq.eQlAyxHpVCLVoNjZTCR1uOH0WD5AGv6AdFUfWib3sN1wUxhUkV.r8I3Ab8kiOQW1qBqbeQF+JtqP6.Wc+HxEz9Rsv7.1bOKqsL20x5tO1Ok6pXBtoferPQGx27tsdSqlsdaq20hu+hLAeDoHLjJWjU3ZVdMgsIOM5bpbKyIjvT5L+zYd8R6stYkV27DthiB9.NSMLlVHWV7sWPwGUTwfqgB.pghJ6RXshKgSIvGloOi6fyd2Fkg8ps9dDEAY7L7dV2u9yjg8N77cdzKds+2ua2L4KNq6Asm7zcdxCyki5YeVa+89A4tNQujaMTqzuMD5ixsiPOaPO33KfnFs5LHlJULnPYziNQO1k22zD2ilbgRDqmf5JhhEbH2LZoJZ5ySn9gBhhwGeJqHu9bbUU1nqzCeFaqSqovKs0ub93YipMu0rblonQkZ+a8ScsOnP8OApUzqTkN+6+VtyE4SN3agOiLg5KjQnr70Xa7aVqko4FyuvF3swWatgS.IlZ1+EarUl0AbO5UZ82ydsVuENx4o8s+OuGyRzebVh9m5Wtj4oB.AlABEPYiCTfzu.TYkv..6LXfP+64WMKhvKMjnpSs.bnEFzyD0lggAUdBSMsJG6Rv2XsP9lE1xeCg653QLkavhw6JK.u5FzOz3sf8dM7A99TWUIXaf0WDebopWe1HWVif9yC3nRawhXnaimSHl.9sIiGmpxHAkTUpjalo3w.iX2T4D5GJNk8YjjCo9pp2dftSxa3KU9cZEiz4Q0+ben3xZp94+nitKoBeXmNCmPkIjn3PMmR0N55aQfPmP8RquDwSRUhwuytFY6TL.pLU01SxlTKziXWUa54ZWfv9lu.A5DQJPNdDQIgOA93zHGMSlKU2.x4zvDfhXEfOKW1BjAP3P4dYB.6XgQaP1nvn8Li+uH4K+60GEHFQbkhW4l+aRXb3NYZzkMd1RaM0aOpkMm++QnbFoWm5UttvH58zi2KNhGrzQr8RGwNKcD6tzQr2RGwWszQ7vqIBX2UX.JJmvFg9GHwDIKC

  • @christoph-hart Hmm, Great 🙂

  • uh ?
    if used with waveforms generator module, it's something like a waveshaper, if i understand well ?

  • Yes but for this use case there is the polyshaper which shapes the waveform on voice level and allows modulation.

    Try it on a sine wave generator. You can get some really nice sounds out of it.

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