CTRL+S ; Archive, XML ...??????!!!!!!

  • Hello,

    I just updated to the latest version, it was a long time. I'm working on a project and I did not feel the need to update, anywai.

    I just realized that when I support CRTL + S it opens for me to save a file in XML ...

    I would like to know in the first place, what is the difference other than an archive and the XML file .. ??

    And also and ESPECIALLY, is it possible not to have to select a file but to save on the last. I have a mouse with a button exactly for that, and in fact, the CRTL + S (save) should be simple and ultra fast, I have to click at least 50 to 100 times a day.

    Thank you

  • @alexaudio10 check out this thread:
    While I was at it, I also started reshuffling the File menu, which was pretty overdue. Basically I swapped the order of the XML and .hip file commands and called the save to .hip file commands Archive. This might be confusing when you are used to the old way, but since I heavily recommend using the XML file structure for saving instruments, this will make things clearer in the future. TLDR: Use File -> Save as XML / File -> Open XML from now on.

  • @alexaudio10 Yeah it would be nice if there was save (ctrl+s) and save as as separate options.

  • I understand. Maybe I'll change the Ctrl+S shortcut back to Save as Archive since this can be used to quickly save intermediate states (kind of advanced autosave). The recommended way of properly saving projects is XML though.

  • In fact, I do not oppose change at all. If it is necessary to use the XLM file instead of the archive, I will do it (and I will take the time to read why in the forum as soon as I have a free minute).

    The only thing is that now the CRTL + S works more like a "save as" rather than save ...

  • @christoph-hart I agree with alexaudio10, if the best way to save a project is saving as xml, ctrl+s should save the project with the same name already filled in, in the saving window/meny, and if I want it to save under a new name then shift+ctrl+s would be the proper way to do it

  • I haven't been HISEing for the past few weeks as I've been distracted by other projects, I'm getting back to HISE again now. I've compiled the latest version and seen that CTRL+S is now for archiving again. It seems to me that if the preferred format is XML then CTRL+S should be for the XML format (but without the prompt) and we should have a save as option for the prompt. Is there still a need for the .HIP format at all? I only see a difference of about 100kb between the two formats for my current project, what does HIP do that XML doesn't?

  • @d-healey bump bump

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