Debug works, release fails

  • Hey Guys,
    Currently debugging a project built on HISE plugin. After the latest update, the Debug version works, but release fails.
    When I compile a VST with the plugin HISE, I always get the following errors:

    1>c:\program files\hise-master\hi_core\hi_core\MainController.cpp(268): warning C4101: 'errorMessage': unreferenced local variable (compiling source file ..\..\JuceLibraryCode\include_hi_core.cpp)
    1>c:\program files\hise-master\hi_modules\effects/fx/Analyser.cpp(411): warning C4244: 'argument': conversion from 'float' to 'int', possible loss of data (compiling source file ..\..\JuceLibraryCode\include_hi_modules.cpp)

    does anyone else experience this?

    I've also just installed IPP for the first time to see if that cures any issues, and I started getting a fatal error when I run Code Analysis in VS2017.

    1>..\..\Source\PresetData.cpp(229059): fatal error C1060: compiler is out of heap space

  • I had similar issues while migrating from VS2015 to VS2017 before.

    Did you install older Visual Studio versions before? If yes, please be sure that you've deleted all the old components before installing VS2017. It's really important for IPP. When you don't use IPP, old files doesn't important. But when IPP comes in, it causes integration problems. You need to start with a clean setup. My suggestion is;

    • First remove IPP from your computer and reinstall it (IPP 2018 update 1 works for me with VS2017) again. But when you are installing the IPP, make sure that the IPP integrates with your VS2017. You can see that on installation process, the installer says something like "integrating with Visual Studio 2017". If the IPP installer says "couldn't find Visual Studio", you will need uninstall VS2017 and install again too. When uninstalling VS2017, make sure that you removed all of the components and clean your computer from old VS versions.
    • You need to rebuild the latest HISE with IPP yes (with your latest integrated IPP)
    • And then try to recompile your project.

    This procedure worked for me.

    NOT: If you have older visual studio versions, uninstall them too, because it can cause this error too.

  • @remarkablex
    I installed VS2017 and HISE on a completely new rig.... VST compiled correctly. Although I do get the first 2 errors, the VST loads. FUKK me.... Now to figure out why it's crapping out on my main computer.

  • These "errors" are just warnings that come from sloppy coding, but shouldn't affect the functionality.

  • Yellow lines when compiling = no worry. it will work. just notice that your violin rompler will play trumpet sounds ... 😉

    Red lines = Go out immediatly and call 911 = your computer will explode ASAP 😄

    ... or not ... 😛

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