Serious sync problem on fx plugins....

  • Hello,
    Hise made vst fx plugins has a serious latency compensation, you can see the big tempo problem from here;

    I've used dynamicsfx example to show that. I'm using Studio One, Ableton & Cubase. I am having the same issue in all of them.

  • already said on another thread but ...
    what kind of audio driver do you use ?
    samplerate ?
    buffer ?

    your compiled FX should normally snap to these settings, while the standalone allows you to change it.

    Here i use ASIO or ASIO4all with 44100kHz, 256 buffers and no latency.

    but as i said before (another thread) if using something like 48000/512 some Instruments/FXs plugin may cause strange behavior.

  • I checked this last week and I somehow couldn‘t reproduce the issue, the DynamicFX was perfectly in sync.

    What buffer size and sample rate are you using in your DAW?

  • @christoph-hart & @staiff

    It's not about the driver, buffer size and sample rate.

    I'm using 256 buffer, 44.1 kHz and ASIO4all. I've checked ASIO Full Duplex, Avid ASIO and Primary Sound Drivers too. They have the same latency.

    I am using Studio One, Ableton & Cubase too. Other commercial FX plugins doesn't have any latency in all of the conditions, but why Hise fx plugins has? Furthermore not only DynamicsFX, I've made a gain modulation fx plugin, and it has latency too.

    You should check @christoph-hart .....

  • Weird, especially if it‘s consistent across different hosts. I‘ll check again.

  • @christoph-hart Thanks a lot

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