I'm looking for informations

  • Hey!

    I want to make a simple sample player with Hise : import sample shot/loop, play with some settings like enveloppe, enable/edit loop, glide/legato, time stretch, filters, Root note, etc

    Is it possible?

    If yes, is there some tutos about this kind of builds?


  • Time stretching isn't possible but all of the other stuff is. Tutorials are available here.

  • Take a look at the AudioLooper module, it contains almost everything you need (excluding timestretching)

  • ah yes !
    i saw some other threads about this looper.
    if i understand well it permit to "load" samples via the compiled UI synth/rompler, exactly as some commercial synths do when they say "you can import your own wavetable" ?
    right ?

    if i understand well (again) you can use this "imported" sample as a sound source (waveform) or like old Fairlight/emulator (one sample with a root) played along the keyboard ?

    if yes for all = powerful module !!!

    (will try it later to have my own answers 😉 )

  • Yes for all 😉

  • I have one more question : can we use Hise without coding (at least for a basic Instrument)?

    By the way, the only tuto I have found is only about sample libraries, not for a sampler. I guess I could adapt this tuto if I have the knowledge, but... I don't 😞

  • @dapi Realistically you will need some basic scripting knowledge, and you'll need to setup Visual Studio or xCode for compiling your plugins.

  • Ok thank you!

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