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    • Is it possible to chose IR samples with buttons. For example: Long Hall, Small Hall, Big Room, Small Room IR sample selection.... I couldn't find any API for predefined audio for IR's

    • Is this possible with viewport or different way?

  • Oh yeah hot swapable IRs would be very useful.

  • This is already possible:

    const var convolution = Synth.getAudioSampleProcessor("Convolution Reverb");

    Note that you must not use Synth.getEffect() to get the reference that can load impulse responses, but the Synth.getAudioSampleProcessor() function that works with Loopers and Convolution Reverbs.

    You can call setFile from any control callback including a viewport callback.

  • Very cool, it works!

    I'm trying to make a viewport that shows user selected folder's samples as a list (like below). When the folder icon clicked, and IR sample located, viewport will display all of the samples in the same folder with selected IR sample.

    But the code is not working....


    const var Viewport1 = Content.getComponent("Viewport1");
    const var LoaderButton = Content.getComponent("LoaderButton");
    const var convolution = Synth.getAudioSampleProcessor("Convolution Reverb");
    inline function onLoaderButtonControl(number, value)
    inline function onViewport1Control(number, value)

  • Yes that won't work. setFile() needs an argument which is the relative path to the audio file in the format "{PROJECT_FOLDER}Impulse2.wav".

    Ideally you have an array of available impulse response names and use the value of the callback which is the index of the clicked entry to get the actual filename.

  • @christoph-hart So what if the user selected custom folders? (we can't have an array of the sample names)

  • personally I prefer the current solution (Christoph) because with this system of array and listing it will include all the IR in the compilation, or absolutely have the folder IR to install (as the samples install folder if rompler) and no possibility to choose its IR via external reading.

    Either keep both systems = internal IR listing AND right click to load external IRs

    There are many IR collections on the internet (commercial and free) and so I prefer to choose them later, as I want, without them being dependent on the plugin.

  • You can connect an AudioWaveform to a convolution reverb and then the user can right click it to load a file and use the dropdown / viewport for the embedded impulse responses to get both options.

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