Arpegiator issues with last version

  • hello !
    seems that it's impossible to use arpegiator UI with the last version.

    Sliderpack always crash HISE as the older versions.
    eror message:
    "Interface:! Error at content restoring: You must call setValue() with an array for Slider Packs"

    Sliderlabels are stucked to min:0, Max: 1 (for 12/24 steps ... its bit confusing)
    when moving sliderlabels, all sliders in the module goes immediately to: 0

    impossible to change it, even via forced JSONDATA

    seems noticed some changes in SliderPack.cpp and .h. Is that for that ?

  • @Christoph-Hart :

    Did you took a look at this problem ?


  • administrators

    Yes, but fixing it is a bit more complex and I am afraid I don't have the time for it the next days. Weirdly it works perfectly in HEXERACT...

  • Well, apparently I solved the problem.
    But if I corrected it well and if the problem is the one I think, I prefer not to say anything, do not explain ... It's too stupid ... So I'm ashamed ... 😞 😉

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