VST FX don't work on FL Studio. (SOLVED with an update...)

  • as i said before i don't have FL (i don't have it because i personaly hate it)

    i also have Bitwig and reaper that i not use. Why having it ? because they are really good to test plugins. if bitwig and reaper crash or refuse your plugin = bad plugin.

    studio One (i love and use it) accept all plugin without saying if it's good. So before releasing for friends, i test it in reaper and bitwig.

    For FL i really don't know with it react like that ...

  • 🙂 Yes I understand, but if we will make some commercial stuff, it must be work on every daw.
    So so many producers uses FL and, if the plugins do not working here, it is a serious problem, I think.

  • By the way, I like your Linndrum emulation. Is it a synth, or sampler?

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    I‘ll recheck FL Studio, but HISE is definitely supposed to support every major host. This DAW is a bit different because it varies buffer sizes randomly and to make things even more complicated, there are a few settings which cause trouble if enabled.

    Can you make a screen shot of your current settngs dialogue in FL studio then I‘ll try to replicate it.

  • Thank you Christoph,
    I'm sure HISE will invade the world in the future.
    In FL, everyt setting is standard, I'm using FL Studio 12.

    alt text

    This is the source code of the plugin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zm1mfdro9jbr703/Z5.rar?dl=0
    This is the Exported Reverb Plugin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uxnqidlxe98f5tr/Z5 x64.rar?dl=0

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    Thanks I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Meanwhile you can try to play around with those settings, I am pretty sure you'll get FL Studio to behave when switching a few things on and off.

  • Yes you are right!
    When I reduced the buffer size from 512 > to 256, the problem has gone, sound is clear and the plugin workscorrectly 🙂
    Alternatively, when I rised buffer size from 512 > to 2048, the sound is going bad and it gives more distorted sound 🙂

    So the problem is buffer size, you are right... In this situation, the lower buffersize works better but I tried in 2 different computers and they are giving the same good results with 256. FL Studio has standard 512 buffer size setting when installing.

  • @remarkablex :
    "So so many producers uses FL and, if the plugins do not working here, it is a serious problem, I think."
    for sure and that's why, when we decide to create FX and vsti, we lost hairs and drink lot of coffee. 😄

    @Christoph-Hart :
    most of time the big error is just beetween the chair and the keyboard. I know what i mean, when i made mistake i don't understand why. i let it for some times, and after ... when hungry times is gone and reopen project, i see errors and say: "i'm sooooo stupid !" the error is .... ME !
    the problem is when we have an idea in mind we must end it before beggining.
    for sure it's my problem. HISE is really powerfull and i'm sure we only understand .... 10/15 % of it's capability.
    but i understand in this case we are very frustated.

    when all works well and the product can be released it's just a pleasure...

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    FL Studio should be "fixed" now (fixed in a sense that it introduces latency to cope with the varying buffer sizes, but at least it won't sound distorted anymore).

  • It works great! Thank you so much for your support.
    I've used my plugin in FL Studio 12 with all buffer sizes; from 256 to 2048, it works on all of them 🙂

    You are so fast for problem solving 🙂 thank you so much...

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